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High recovery of waste and scrap metal chromium (Figu..

Price requirements: 90,000.00 / ton specifications: - Packaging requirements: - high recovery of chromium waste, waste tungsten scrap molybdenum wi..Scrap metal scrap recycling companies Dongxing

Buy 220V 0.55KW Inverter

Price Description: 500.00 yuan Purchase Quantity: 10 Description: Product Specifications: 0.55 Material: Product qualification: The company needs 2..ACOL (SHANGHAI) ONLINE CONTROLS,. LTD

Buy water pressure switch

Price: 290.00 yuan / Purchase Quantity: 30 Packaging Description: carton Product Specifications: the 1bar Material: Product qualification: water di..ACOL (SHANGHAI) ONLINE CONTROLS,. LTD

Buy a water filter differential pressure switch

Price: 280.00 yuan / Procurement Quantity: 20 Packaging: carton Product Specification: DPS-100AA Material: qualification: The company's demand for ..ACOL (SHANGHAI) ONLINE CONTROLS,. LTD

Buy plastic shell Ni-Cd battery

Purchase Quantity: Price: Negotiable Packing: Product Size: The company needs plastic nickel-cadmium batteries, requirement of quality assurance, w..Xinxiang City Pacific Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

Buy ND-30-type single-phase asynchronous motor

Model: ND-30 Voltage: 127V Current: 0.1A Power: 10W Ratio: 1:39.06 Speed: 30r/min price advantage of the manufacturers to contact meDetection Instrument Factory, Shenyang Jin Xin
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