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Home Company Profile Deyang Dongfang Yili Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Deyang Dongfang Yili Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Main products or services:Generator parts; coal-fired generating units; electrician electrical products processing; generating unit; machinery parts and components; hydraulic machinery and parts
Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Oriental Yili, heavy equipment base in China Deyang, Sichuan, Dongfang Steam Turbine Works (East gas), Dongfang Electrical Machinery Plant (Tokyo Electric Power), the second heavy machinery plant (double) and other countries where sophisticated equipment are from the provincial capital Chengdu, is only 49Km, Baoji-Chengdu Railway, Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, into a high-speed running through the south, extending in all directions. 
 Eastern Yili strong technical force, with CNC lathes, machining centers, 1.6M vertical lathe, 2.5M vertical lathe, 3.2M vertical lathe, 4M vertical lathe, CNC boring machine, planer, gantry milling, 80mm rolling machine and other sophisticated equipment, strong welding skills. The company hundreds of thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, metallurgical enterprises overhaul, technical innovation provides a high-quality equipment selection, construction design, installation, service and other train services, and quickly and accurately provide a lot of turbine spare parts; generator spare parts; boiler spare parts; motor spare parts; electrical insulating materials; all kinds of bearings; turbine parts; generator spare parts; all kinds of imported or domestic pneumatic components and hydraulic components, including anti-fuel power plant EH system, filters, pumps and valves; undertake various kinds of mechanical processing; AC motor and DC motor repair; 80mm coil and structure within the weld. 
 Yili extensive and Beijing Oriental Science and Technology, Southwest Electric Power Design Institute and other units, unique in the field of wear resistant materials. Independent research and development to produce high wear-resistant ceramic lined composite steel pipe (composite ceramic, wear-resistant ceramic steel, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe, ceramic composite pipe, ceramic steel composite pipe, corundum ceramic composite tube), various types of heat corrosion resistant products such as plastic composite pipe, liquid nitriding carburizing, etc., and in the power, mining, metallurgy, building materials used to obtain a good reputation. 
 The company's rapid development has been the strong support of the community. The needs of users is the only reason we exist, we will continue to care about customer needs, solve problems for users, to meet the needs of users. 
 Jun Oriental Yili helping hand!
Contact Detail
Company Name: Deyang Dongfang Yili Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Qian XieMr. (Seller)
Telephone Number: 0838-2206509/2207616
Company Address: Sichuan Deyang CityMountain Plaza, Deyang City, 4-3F, Block A
Zip/Postal Code: 618000
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