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Management Consultant Co., Ltd. Suzhou Hongru

Company Details:

Company Type:
Legal representative or person in charge:Yang Yan-Ru 
Business Type:Production
Companies Registry:Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Registered capital:1,000,000 - 2,500,000 CNY
Year Established:2002
Employee Number:101 - 500 persons
Monthly output:
Annual turnover:Below 500,000 CNY
Exports:Below 500,000 CNY
Management System Certification:ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, TS16949
Principal place of business:National
Major customers:
Factory Size:
Whether to provide OEM and processing:Not
Bank account No.:
Main Market::
Main products or services:ISO Certification / ISO9000 Certification / ISO9001 certification / ISO14000/ISO14001 certification / OHSAS18000/ISO/TS16949 certification / TL9000/ISO13485/ISO22000/HACCP and other international management system certification and CCC / UL / CE / QS / environmental labeling and other product certification consulting, training, services and network management consultancy company training courses.
Hongru consultant professional certification advisory bodies (ISO country's largest supplier) 
 Headquarters: Shenzhen. Branches all over the country 
 Hongru mission: to improve the quality of enterprises, while the power due to strong prices for the rise of great powers struggle for life! 
 The 24-hour free call center :400 -680-9000 
 Hongru consultancy Web site: 
 Consultants Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Suzhou Hongru 
 ISO9000 Certification ISO Certification of Suzhou, Suzhou: 
 Qiu Pan Pan 
 Industry Five Advantages: Hongru most all major brand consultant lecturer in library service network of professional services up to a price discount value 
 Hongru Management Consulting, Inc. (HRC Hongru management consultant) was established in 2005, the company was founded from 
 Chairman Dr. Zou's dream. Hongru company after "view of the occasion of the WTO, Chinese and Western studies of change" after the Chinese Confucian sense of Bo 
 Large deep, it covers "of humanity, Guan Dao, Wen Road, Commercial Road," in essence. Looking at the future knowledge economy, is bound to be 
 According to the era of Chinese Confucianism Kam. Company name "Hong Ru", take great deep meaning of Confucianism in China, Feng Road to Confucianism 
 , Albert Cheng enterprises, development of large country style. Company received a Certification and Accreditation Committee awarded the quality management 
 Department of environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system and food safety management system for record fourth qualification qualification 
 Registration number: CNACA-Z-20Q-2007-014; the company registered capital of 200 million yuan. Hongru company also received 
 Won the 20 million venture capital firms venture capital, special funds will be used for this pen Hongru Construction classes online. 
 Company strong teacher, senior consultant with national registration, the state registered consulting engineers, industry experts, the first 
 I consultant, American Human Resources Association members, senior software engineers, university professors, the senior title 
 The more than 180 senior consultants. 
 Hongru application of advanced management model, Wang Ju variety of Chinese industry's best talent, access to a wide range of political and 
 The business community for their support. Three years, rapid growth, in 2005, turned out amazing Shenzhen in 2006, 2007 has been 
 Famous brand in Guangdong Province over the situation Hongru .2008 .2009 Hongru senki Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be popular in the land of China. And 
 In 2008, served as China Certification and Accreditation Association. 
 Years of management consulting practice, formed its own unique characteristics and core competencies of advisory, to profound knowledge and 
 Experience accumulated more than 2,000 units of consulting services, customer services management from the public administration, education, 
 IT, logistics, chain of trade, chemicals, electronics, textile, printing and other industries. In Beijing, Guangzhou, 
 Dongguan, Wuhan, Suzhou, Shanghai and other cities to set up more than 30 service agencies.
Contact Detail
Company Name: Management Consultant Co., Ltd. Suzhou Hongru
Contact Person: Qiu Pan PanMr. (Customer Service)
Telephone Number: 0512-57911208
Company Address: Jiangsu Province Suzhou Kunshan City, North Building, Changjiang Nan Luli was 601 international
Zip/Postal Code: 215300
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