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High imitation Schneider WATSNA-100 / 3P4P CB level switch

High imitation Schneider WATSNA-100 / 3P4P CB level switch
High imitation Schneider WATSNA-100 / 3P4P CB level switch
High imitation Schneider WATSNA-100 / 3P4P CB level switch

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Company:Yueqing swan Electric Co.
Information Name: High imitation Schneider WATSNA-100 / 3P4P CB level switch
Update Time:2015-04-28
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High imitation Schneider dual power Schneider million high dual power supply manufacturers WATSNA-63-100-160 Schneider million high dual power automatic transfer switch WATSN series automatic transfer switch is the use of computer sales company Schneider million high control technology developed by a new generation of automatic conversion switch. The switch to Schneider Electric Multi9 series, Compact series circuit breaker or switch is in line with the actuator, and with mechanical and electrical integration, new control mechanism with electromechanical double interlock, especially for the important power did not allow a power outage in place that is important load. To meet the site requirements, automatic transfer switches can be realized from the vote since the complex, since the vote of no self-recovery, backup each of three different ways of working. Implement electricity mains dual power WATSN-40 load isolation switch INT WATSN-63/63 3CBRX WATSNA 2P 40A WATSNA 40A / 2 WATSNA 63/16 3CBR-D WATSNA 63 / 40-4CBR WATSNA 63/63 2CBR-C WATSNA 63 / 63 4CBR-D WATSNA-100 4PCR WATSNA-100 4PCR INT WATSNA-100 / 4PCR WATSNA-100/100 3CBS WATSNA-100/100 3PCR WATSNA-100/100 4CBI WATSNA-100/100 4CBR WATSNA-100/100 4CBS WATSNA -100/100 4PCR WATSNA-100 / 100.3CBR WATSNA-100 / 100.4CBR WATSNA-100 / 100.4PCR WATSNA-100 / 100A 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 100A 4CBI + F WATSN-63/63 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 100A 4CBR WATSNA -100 / 100A 4CBRXF WATSNA-100 / 100A 4PCR WATSNA-100/16 .3CBR WATSNA-100/25 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 25A 4CBR WATSNA-100/32 .3CBR WATSNA-100/32 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 32.4CBR WATSNA -100/40 .3CBR WATSNA-100/40 3CBR WATSNA-100/40 4CBR WATSNA-100/40 4P PCR WATSNA-100/50 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 50.4CBR WATSNA-100 / 50A 4CBR WATSNA-100/63 3CBR WATSNA -100/63 4CBR WATSNA-100/63 4P PCR WATSNA-100 / 63.3CBR WATSNA-100 / 63A 4CBR WATSNA-100 / 63A 4CBTR WATSNA-100 / 63A 4PCR WATSNA-100/80 4CBR WATSNA-100/80 4CBR X + F WATSNA-100/80 4PCR WATSNA-100 / 80.3CBR WATSNA-100 / 80.3CBS WATSNA-100 / 80.4CBR WATSNA-100 / 80A 3CBR WATSNA-100 / 80A 4CBR WATSNA-100 / 80A.3CBR-X WATSNA-100- 100-3CBI WATSNA-100-100-4PCR WATSNA-100-40-3CBR STR22SE WATSNA-100A (4PCR) WATSNA-125 / 3R WATSNA-125A / 4PCR WATSNA-16/16 2CBR WATSNA-160.4CBR WATSNA-160/100 4PCR WATSNA-160 / 100.4CBR WATSNA-160 / 100A 4CBR WATSNA-160 / 100A 4PCR WATSNA-160/125 4CBR WATSNA-160 / 125.3CBR WATSNA-160 / 125A 4CBR WATSNA-160 / 125A 4PCR WATSNA-160/160 3CBI WATSNA- 160/160 3CBR WATSNA-160/160 4CBR WATSNA-160 / 160.3CBR WATSNA-160 / 160.3CBS WATSNA-160 / 160.3CBS (handle) WATSNA-160 / 160.3PCIF WATSNA-160 / 160.4CBR WATSNA-160 / 160.4PCR WATSNA -160 / 160-4CBR WATSNA-160 / 160A 3PCR WATSNA-160 / 160A 4CBR WATSNA-160 / 160A 4CBRXF WATSNA-160 / 160A 4PCR WATSNA-160-125-3CBI WATSNA-160-40-3CBI WATSNA-160A / 120A 3CBR WATSNA-160N / 125-3CBR WATSNA-200A / 4PCR WATSNA-250/125 4CBR WATSNA-250/160 4PCR WATSNA-250/200 4PCR WATSNA-250 / 200.3CBR WATSNA-250 / 200.4CBR WATSNA-250 / 200.4CBS WATSNA- 250 / 200A 4CBR WATSNA-250/250 3CBS WATSNA-250/250 4BCR WATSNA-250/250 4PCR WATSNA-250 / 250.4CBR WATSNA-250 / 250A 4CBR WATSNA-250 / 250A.3CBR WATSNA-250 / H200A 3CBR WATSNA-250 / H250A 3CBR dual power means: a microprocessor-controlled device in the net electricity grid system and electricity network or grid electricity and generator power switch for starting, make continuous source of power supply. The basic role of dual power switch (referred to as dual power) is mainly used molded case circuit breaker (CB-class) or isolation switch (PC level) element composition! PC-class dual power: Only complete dual power automatic transfer function, do not have the short-circuit current breaking (only access, load) functions; CB-level dual power: both complete dual power automatic transfer function, but also has a short-circuit current protection ( It can be switched on and breaking) function. Edit this paragraph, also known as a basic introduction to ATS ATSE, is Automatic transfer Switching equipment abbreviation, define 1.ATSE 1.1 dual power switch Electric (switch) Transfer Switching Device (Transfer Switch) one or several load circuit from a power conversion to another electrical power. 1.2 Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) by one (or several) switch electrical appliances and other electrical components necessary for monitoring the power supply circuit, and one or several load circuit from a power supply automatically conversion to another electrical power. Electrical industry referred to as "dual power automatic transfer switch" or "dual power switch." GB standard definition of ATS products by one (or several) switch electrical appliances and other electrical components necessary for detecting the power supply circuit, and one or more load circuits automatically switch from one power to another electrical power. ATS and UPS, EPS in the name of the relatively confusing. EPS Emergency Power Supply is the abbreviation, the Chinese called the emergency power unit. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply is the abbreviation, the Chinese called uninterruptible power supply. ATS (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment is the abbreviation, the Chinese called the automatic transfer switching equipment. ATS suitable for fire protection and other areas critical loads of dual power supply, EPS EPS is resolved suitable for emergency lighting, emergency lighting, fire a load of power supply equipment and other facilities as the main goal, to provide an independent line with fire codes emergency power supply system circuit. UPS is to provide power equipment for the IT industry, to provide clean, uninterruptible backup power. Diesel generator power supply suitable for the need to place a long time back-up power supply and ATS, EPS, UPS used in conjunction. Practice 1, when a power outage for any reason, and in a relatively short time when the power supply can not be restored, you must enable standby power. Steps: ① cut electricity supply of each circuit breaker (including power distribution control room cabinet each breaker, dual power switching power supply circuit breaker box City), anti-pull double-throw switch to self-powered send down one side, holding dual power switch box-owned electric circuit breaker in the off state. When ② start standby power supply (diesel generator), the standby group is operating normally, the generator breaker closure order, self-powered control cabinet for each circuit breaker. ③ closed one by one each backup power supply switching power supply circuit breaker box, to each load transmission. ④ standby power during operation, the operator on duty shall not leave the generator, and adjust the voltage, frequency and other plant according to load changes, abnormal timely manner. 2, when the mains power is restored, power conversion should work in a timely manner, cut off standby power, restore electricity supply. Steps: ① self-powered off sequentially, each circuit breaker, the order is: dual power switching box-owned power circuit breaker →-owned power distribution cabinet generator master switch for each circuit breaker → → will double throw switch to City electricity supply side. ② Press diesel engine shutdown procedure to stop. ③ sequentially from the mains power supply to the main switch is closed each one by each branch circuit breaker switch, dual power switching box from the mains supply breaker to the closed position. 3, check the meter and LEDs indicate whether it is normal to start the transformer cooling fans. Categories dual power automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as dual power) is the use of molded case circuit breaker and load switch two major types These are the two kinds of Products Edit this paragraph to the main goods producing CB-level dual power automatic transfer switching equipment is YQJJ2-63H HYCQ5 series derived from the terminal automatic switching device, suitable for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage AC400V / 230V, rated current up to 63A three-phase four-wire (also available for one-phase line) of dual power grid, automatic one or several load circuit from a power supply to another power to ensure normal power supply load circuit. This product is suitable for industrial, commercial, commercial and residential level and other more important places. Structure YQJJ2-63H automatic transfer switching equipment by small circuit breakers (DZ47-63) single operating mechanism, the control circuit and other components, all the components installed on the same floor. Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment of control supply voltage is AC230V, mechanical life is 5000 times. Performance YQJJ2-63H dual power (only available automatic recovery) for two-way power (referred to as the common power supply and standby power) phase voltage (automatic power control) for simultaneous detection of the common power supply when abnormal, the miniature circuit breaker A phase or phase loss of pressure occurs, the automatic control to enable the device without time delay switch to standby power supply; when the normal power supply back to normal, automatic control to enable the device without delay return to the common power supply is not permitted while two-way power anomalies. Performance description Powerful> automatic recovery> since the vote of no self-recovery / mutual backup> from pitcher complex> manual operation controller functions> A type (built-in): Mains - Mains conversion fire linkage Optional> B type (external): Mains - Mains electricity conversion - Convert generator load unload a complete solution to communicate Optional> standard configuration model, custom configuration model> according to IEC and GB standard> through CCC certification and EMC test Rated voltage: 690V Rated current: 1A-3200A Poles: 4P Mechanical life: 8000 minimum switching time: 1.5s good installation performance features ■ ■ double row composite contacts, horizontal pull mechanism, micro-motor pre-storage and micro-electronic control technology, the basic realization of zero-arcing (no arc chute) ■ using a reliable mechanical interlock and electrical interlock ■ Adopt zero-bit technology, emergency situations can be forced to zero (and cut off two-way power) ■ with isolation function, to achieve reliable power supply and the load between the obvious off position indicator, padlock. ■ high reliability, service life more than 8000 times ■ mechatronics design, switching accurate, flexible, smooth ■ electromagnetic compatibility, anti-interference ability, without external interference ■ High degree of automation ■ switch having multiple input / output interface , easy to implement remote control and system automation PLC ■ switching operation without any external control components ■ appearance, small size, light weight, by the logic control board, with different logic to manage directly mounted on the motor switch inside the gearbox run operations to ensure the position of the switch. Applications related presentations industrial sector, energy sector, infrastructure, data centers, public construction sector, residential ○ ● ambient air temperature ambient air temperature limit + 40 ℃; ○ ambient air temperature limit -5 ℃; ○ ambient air temperature for 24h average does not exceed + 35 ℃. ● elevation: the installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m. ● atmospheric conditions: air relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is + 40 ℃ not more than 50%; in the end than the temperatures can have a higher relative humidity; the wettest month of the monthly mean maximum relative humidity of 90%, while the month The monthly average minimum temperature of + 25 ℃, and taking into account temperature changes on the surface of condensation. ● Pollution Degree: pollution degree 3. Development of dual power switching system products development has undergone three categories: contact type, Molded Case Circuit Breakers / load isolation switch class, integrated automatic transfer switching equipment category. 3.1 Contactor This class power switching system contacts the handover execution unit, switching with a relay or logic control module controls the secondary circuit is completed, the general non-standard products, the main disadvantage is the need for secondary circuit contactor work loop long-term power, prone to temperature fever, contact adhesive, coil burning and other failures. Because the non-standard product, its composition components are more subject to product quality components, manufacturing process constraints, the failure rate is high, is now gradually being replaced by new products. 3.2 MCCB This class power switching system MCCB handover execution unit, switching unit complete with ATS automatic control, mechanical and electrical chain, functional, operational performance, high life, composition yuan fewer components, easy installation. This class belongs to CB-level electrical switch by two circuit breakers as a current breaking unit, and is equipped with the current release, have some protection, turn the circuit breaker / breaking capacity is much higher than the relay. When these products were holding steady from the mechanical structure, since the difference between the circuit breaker with load isolation switch itself, the application of the effect in the over-current condition is not as PC-class products. 3.3 Disconnectors class load isolation switch type electrical switch electric operating mechanism is installed on the basis of the two load isolation switch, integrated mechanical interlock mechanism, automatic control units assembled. Current breaking unit of load isolation switch, the contact interrupter system is designed arc breaking once and do not have the protective function of the circuit, this type of product is PC-class products, which due to the use of the spring energy storage, instantaneous release The acceleration mechanism, can fast turn, breaking the circuit or switching circuit, product performance and reliable operation. 3.4 integrated automatic transfer switching equipment. This class power conversion system is a switch and logic control in one, no external controller, real mechanical and electrical integration of automatic transfer switches. Such power switching system product contact system uses "SPDT" design, a unified design and manufacturing, small size, simple structure. The product does not have current protection, belong to PC-class switch electrical products. These products are generally the conversion time is relatively small, switch driven by motor drive, switching smooth and reliable operation of the motor drive only momentary current through the switch, without having to provide steady-state operating current, significant energy saving. Product no temperature fever, contact adhesive, coil burning phenomenon. Switch with electrical and mechanical interlock device, enabling automatic recovery, since the vote of no self-recovery, loss of pressure, voltage, phase failure protection, manual - automatic conversion, delay control for power switching class mainstream. Supply of high imitation Schneider million high dual power supply high imitation Schneider million high dual power supply high imitation Schneider million high dual power supply high imitation Schneider million high dual power 
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Company Name: Yueqing swan Electric Co.
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Contact Person: Mr. Yong(Sales Manager)
Telephone Number: 18815183086
Company Address: Changhong Liu Yueqing municipal industrial park, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China
Zip/Postal Code: 325604
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