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Lions to Taicang logistics line

Lions to Taicang logistics line
Lions to Taicang logistics line
Lions to Taicang logistics line

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Company:Quanzhou Ampang Logistics Ltd.
Information Name: Lions to Taicang logistics line
Update Time:2015-04-28
Specifications:Lions to Taicang logistics line
Price Description: RMB/
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 Ampang Logistics Ltd. Shishi Quanzhou to Taicang logistics line 13313827766 Manager Wu) Jinjiang shipping company, Jinjiang baggage section, Jinjiang moving company, Jinjiang logistics company, Jinjiang picking station, Jinjiang logistics distribution Contact: 13313827766 Tel: 0595- 82913399, (business QQ: 3056322017) [Jinjiang to date overcast Ampang Jinjiang logistics green logistics company] 1, 2 advice how to calculate moving expenses, which have to do to prepare to move 3, moving packing order you need a phone, the rest of the we do! welcome new and old customers call our first priority! [Jinjiang to date Yin Jinjiang logistics green] Ampang moving freight founded in 2005, initially only the five ordinary trucks, mainly used for the Jinjiang public moving service. The company offers wedding dresses, piano shift, the company Trackbacks, furniture disassembly, long-distance transportation, and other train services.  company since its establishment adhere to the "quality service, customer satisfaction" business philosophy, keep its quality assured customer service Heart, handling worry, facilitate the timely Trackbacks best service, in order to win credibility, and quality development of enterprises guidelines. Ampang moving company "punctual and trustworthy, and civilized shipping, quality service, and continuously meet customer demand" for quality, and has consistently adhered to "serve the people wholeheartedly, to move people, reputation, customer first, unity and cooperation striving for excellence "business purpose. Jinjiang years Ampang moving company to rigorous, passionate, perfect, high-quality, professional service has won praise from the community.   Pledge: Ampang move, according to your needs, equipped with a variety of models, in order to fully reflect the company's service concept, I absolutely do not lose, no damage. Do punctuality, arriving quasi latent. To provide reasonable moving operational procedures. So that each customer peace of mind, save money, rest assured.  service purposes: first-class service, reasonable fees, hundred percent satisfaction. [Jinjiang to date Yin Jinjiang logistics green] Ampang moving transport Co. limited time, limited routes, cheap, availability, honest and trustworthy, good quality staff, good service ...... Services: Professional moving, moving plants, units, schools, piano, following a short-distance freight, equipment relocation, wedding dresses, furniture disassembly ...... business scope: * move * city residents Trackbacks, small pieces of transport; * industrial Trackbacks, freight transportation, commercial buildings * , enterprises Ban Chang; * precision equipment, instruments, server handling; * schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses relocation; * long-term freight contracts, car rental (with the driver). [Zhang Jinjiang to imports logistics Line] 
Contact Detail
Company Name: Quanzhou Ampang Logistics Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Manager Wu()
Telephone Number: 0595-82913399
Company Address: Quanzhou Ampang Logistics Ltd., Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China
Zip/Postal Code:
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