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Nanchang Changhong TV service phone "Baidu - Changhong Service Center"

Nanchang Changhong TV service phone "Baidu - Changhong Service Center"
Nanchang Changhong TV service phone "Baidu - Changhong Service Center"
Nanchang Changhong TV service phone

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Company:Star Wyatt Technology Services Ltd.
Information Name: Nanchang Changhong TV service phone "Baidu - Changhong Service Center"
Update Time:2015-04-28
Price Description: RMB/
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Nanchang Changhong TV service phone "Baidu - Changhong Service Center" Nanchang Changhong TV Repairs customer service phone 4006--312--511, 400--631--2511 Service target: 0 defects, 100% customer satisfaction, we at any time waiting for your call. For he - - trust and respect, to have - honesty and integrity, to do things - results-oriented; products - quality, service - customer first, business - effective the first "core values Nanchang Changhong TV Repairs Phone 24 Times repair hotline: 4006--312--511, 400--631--2511 Changhong brand (Nanchang) Professional repair site - repair hotline - (full on-site to provide you with the best quality ! Services TV professional maintenance division) lead the technological age Changhong Changhong Electric Appliance Nanchang factory only repair service providers ------ ------ Services:! Nanchang District Nanchang Changhong TV service hotline: 4006- -312--511, 400--631--2511 long as you call our 24-hour service hotline, the company will be the first time for your dedicated service! 24 Times repair Tel believe your choice is not wrong! good living from Changhong TV starting with the living standards of our people increasing, television has become an everyday essential electrical appliances, with the increase in users TV repair failure also will be a substantial increase in the user's daily life is a big inconvenience! Nanchang Changhong service center was established in 2003, since its inception focus on "professional" service standards, "I assure you," the spirit of service to promote business development and growth, "integrity and pragmatic" service philosophy to win the market and return to the community, to enable enterprises to consecutive years of steady development in the fiercely competitive consumer electronics market, and achieved good economic and social benefits Nanchang Changhong TV sales maintenance service commitments: (1) strictly in accordance with maintenance procedures and maintenance procedures to ensure maintenance of quality. (2) strict quality parts, to eliminate the use of inferior parts and scrap parts. (3) Service Hotline 24 hours on duty, had responded within 24 hours. Maintenance workshop and reception festival without a break , ensure users pick repair maintenance system timely establishment of the repair team, be readily accessible on-site repair. (4) charges the strict implementation of the Municipality and the company charges, do not exaggerate the failure to prevent arbitrary charges (5) foreign customers remote fault diagnosis, technical failure to answer, Changhong prompt postal accessories. Self-repair of our foreign customers will rush to your machine troubleshooting, and strive to complete the repair that day. (6) by our center (Nanchang TV repair) repair will be implemented warranty, such as during the warranty period as a result of repair or replacement of parts quality problems, the center responsible for the repair Changhong service objectives: 0 defects, 100% customer satisfaction (city) serious answer, the customer wishes to serve the defect, hundred percent satisfied, serious answer, the customer voice 24 Times repair phone 4006--312--511, 400--631--2511. Mission: experience, quality assurance, safety first, customers, comfort, peace of mind First, the entrepreneurial spirit: exploration, innovation, pragmatism, progressive Second, corporate policy: scientific management, quality first; service, the credibility of the first three business objectives: first-class brand four employees aim: to do first-class staff (⊙ o ⊙) ah! V. Service Mission: Your satisfaction, my pursuit of six, personnel philosophy: is used only seven, market philosophy: logistics information, winning eight thousand miles away, development philosophy: to go further nine, technology concepts : rapidly changing X. philosophy: not up to not break Changhong 24H Service Tel: 4006--312--511, 400--631--2511 Nanchang Changhong TV business goals: Strive to build Changhong TV service brand to reinforce employee brand awareness of service. There is nothing: Changhong problems change many believe does not solve the problem employee Nanchang Changhong TV center not only to solve the unknown problems and to solve problems in a timely never encountered Attitude is everything, communication to solve all the problems can be!!! resolved. Arrived in the customer's home or office top priority, we will adopt an interactive approach, to provide maximum help and support, necessary tools and Changhong apparatus leave the body employees carry.
Contact Detail
Company Name: Star Wyatt Technology Services Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Wu Feng()
Telephone Number: 4006-312-511
Company Address: East Second Ring Road No. 20-45, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Zip/Postal Code:
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