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6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tongxin pleasure

6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tongxin pleasure
6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tongxin pleasure
6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tongxin pleasure

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Company:Zhengzhou City neighborhood Tongxin new play equipment ..
Information Name: 6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tongxin pleasure
Update Time:2015-04-28
Price Description: RMB/
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2014 Deluxe Carousel fire up a small play equipment, luxury turn horse without space constraints luxury turn horse, unfettered, and by the masses of children like. But many people do not understand the price of luxury Carousel play equipment, play equipment manufacturers face offer, also at a loss, but the price gap is large, so many people are confused and can not be selected. First, new 童欣豪 China Zhengzhou streets turn horse play equipment for children offer luxury Carousel by the device's own capital to the resolution, including raw material pricing, wages, rents workshop, accessories, power consumption, etc. is added together accounting the production cost of a playground equipment. But which also according to the processing double luxury Carousel modify the size of the customer and material carried on the site itself, so luxurious Carousel amusement device market price only as a reference, depending on customer requirements. Zhengzhou Tongxin new streets turn horse is a non-irritating rides, it mainly relies beautiful appearance, colorful lights and beautiful music attractive, so that the overall shape Carousel is very, very important. A product that no matter how interesting, as long as the appearance is not attractive in the first time, it is impossible to bring their own customers, on the contrary, as long as the product right the first time be able to attract customers and give the customer a good impression, he may become your regulars, and turned the horse shape is very important, we must make the first customer but also have a second, third, in order to stabilize the price of tourists luxury turn horse, which need to switch horses modeling diverse, and each shape must have meaning, each do one kind of shape will give the customer a prompt Trojan horse that he sat Trojans will give him what kind of luck, so we even as Geely, will again to ride your carousel. Zhengzhou streets Tong Xin new play equipment factory is one of the most professional children's play equipment manufacturers. Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, has a history of more than a decade engaged in children's play equipment. We produce rail train equipment, three luxury Carousel, rotating lift a small plane, swing machine, luxury boats chair rail train, trackless train, rotating lift, playground battery car, luxury turn horse, waves swivel chairs, children Bounce and other products of children's play equipment factory. 6 luxury Carousel, luxury streets turn horse, Zhengzhou Tong Xin pleasure provided by the Zhengzhou City neighborhood Tong Xin new play equipment plant. Zhengzhou City neighborhood welcomes new children's play equipment plant (www.zztongxin.cn) (www.zztongxin.cn) strong, credible, in Zhengzhou, Henan toy industry cooperation projects accumulated a large number of loyal customers. The company better work attitude and constantly improve the innovation concept will lead the new Xin Tong play equipment into the brilliant and you work for a better future! 
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Company Name: Zhengzhou City neighborhood Tongxin new play equipment ..
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. The 1920()
Telephone Number: 0371-68120159
Company Address: Zhengzhou City neighborhood Industrial Park, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 450000
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