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The type of modified starch | Starch | Xindu Industry and Trade

The type of modified starch | Starch | Xindu Industry and Trade
The type of modified starch | Starch | Xindu Industry and Trade
The type of modified starch | Starch | Xindu Industry and Trade

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Company:Zhucheng Metropolis Ltd.
Information Name: The type of modified starch | Starch | Xindu Industry and Trade
Update Time:2015-04-28
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Food starch from functionality, diversity, convenience departure. Food processing to develop new varieties, focusing on the development of corn products, the development of potato starch, modified starch and derivative products; the development of convenience food, nutrition and health food as well as quality improver emulsion thickening. Therefore, food starch modified starch can develop functionality, convenience foods with starch and domestic supply of alkenyl succinate starch. Modified starch as a food additive to consider our hypertension, high cholesterol patients with a growing trend, the development of fat substitutes, the development of both energy and nutritional value, without affecting the generation of so-called blood sugar substitute starch prices to meet Diabetes increase in incidence of people need every year. Currently starch fat substitute can be used in almost all need to add fat in food; development of resistant starch water holding capacity is low, fine particles, fresh flavor, microcrystalline structure less than ordinary dietary fiber, but also as a functional ingredient for a variety of foods. Small science starch: starch English name: ModifiedStarch starch after treatment in some way, to varying degrees, to change its original physical or chemical properties. On the basis of native starch has the inherent characteristics to improve the performance of starch, modified starch to expand its scope of application vendors, using physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment starch suppliers, the introduction of new functional groups or changes in the starch molecules starch molecular size and particle properties of starch modified starch, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch, making it more suitable for certain applications. This after secondary processing, change the nature of starch referred to as the modified starch. Welcome to inquire! ! ! The type of modified starch | Starch | Metropolis Metropolis Industry and Trade Ltd. by Zhucheng. Zhucheng Xindu Ltd. (www.xdwzy.com) (www.xdwzy.com) strong, credible, Shandong Weifang flavoring agent industry has accumulated a large number of loyal customers. The company better work attitude and constantly improve the innovation concept will lead the new capital, industry and trade into the brilliant and you work for a better future! 
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Company Name: Zhucheng Metropolis Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Liu Bing super()
Telephone Number: 0536-2161028
Company Address: Zhucheng Shiqiaozi, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 262200
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