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What is micro Mall | Like trade (certified) | Tibet micro Mall

What is micro Mall | Like trade (certified) | Tibet micro Mall
What is micro Mall | Like trade (certified) | Tibet micro Mall
What is micro Mall | Like trade (certified) | Tibet micro Mall

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Company:Like leather Trade Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou
Information Name: What is micro Mall | Like trade (certified) | Tibet micro Mall
Update Time:2015-04-27
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How to open micro-channel mall Solution one: enterprise's own technical staff to do the micro-channel mall built micro-channel store technology needed: 1, DIV + CSS technology effect: this technology to produce micro-channel mall is concise and easy to open micro mall steps to expand the better; 2, Html5 technical role: This product images can click to enlarge view, slide browsing, press save, etc., to enhance the browsing experience and interactive performance of micro-channel store pages; 3, develop micro-channel shopping guide system (also known as the merchandise management system or shopping cart system, although some differences in the name of the micro-mall how to open, but the general features are similar) effect: micro-channel micro-channel mall shopping guide is an integral part of the micro-mall shopping guide through the micro-channel systems, micro-channel sweep swept away by mobile phone users to view all kinds rows of product information and related products. Customers can easily view the merchandise and collection orders. 4, CRM management system (ie, membership management, merchandise order management) role: CRM (Chinese: Customer Relationship Management) is a micro-channel operations and long-term sustainability of the mall to bring customers the key. CRM management system requires the development of appropriate membership card management, keyword triggers, lbs service, user analysis, graphic content, channel analysis, data analysis, professional tools support. Powerful micro mall system and a complete micro electricity supplier industry solutions and committed fan marketing, trade and innovation, consumer protection system for the majority of businesses, consumers build a mobile shopping platform. Micro-channel is now more fashionable mall a mobile online shopping system. Because relying on micro-channel micro-channel store massive 600 million users, has the market prospect is very advertising in social marketing aspects. Although the concept of micro-channel store for the industry has been more mature, but the micro-channel mall development industry has still not yet formed a unified industry standard for how to open micro mall, on the whole mall development services related to micro-channel mixed. Now, Xiao Bian to introduce micro-channel mall how to do. Tips; micro-channel platform group is free, and businesses can be self-settled, we find no need to "talk about cooperation." Dwell micro letter or phone 13250340866 product, store operations by businesses themselves. What is micro Mall | 莉柯 trade (certified) | Tibet micro Shop 莉柯 leather Trade Co., Ltd. Guangzhou. Guangzhou 莉柯 leather Trade Co., Ltd. (www.lwtd818.com) is a leader in Guangzhou, advertising services, over the years, the company is implementing the scientific management, innovation and development, the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, and satisfy customer needs. Like trade in leadership with the staff warmly welcome all inquiries negotiations to create a better future Like trade. 
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Company Name: Like leather Trade Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Wong()
Telephone Number: 020-86050700
Company Address: The 14th head of the Red Industrial Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Lu Qing Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal Code: 510000
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