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Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch

Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch
Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch
Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch

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Company:Zhucheng Metropolis Ltd.
Information Name: Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch
Update Time:2015-04-26
Price Description: RMB/
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 The purpose of starch arise: First, in order to adapt to a variety of industrial applications. Such as: high temperature technologies (canned sterilization) require high temperature viscosity stability starch modified starch prices, starch thaw frozen foods require good stability, transparency requirements jelly food is good, the film is good and so on. Second, in order to open up new uses starch modified starch manufacturer, to expand the application range. Such as: the use of textile starch; hydroxyethyl starch, hydroxypropyl starch instead of plasma; highly crosslinked starch instead of surgical gloves with talc. Modified starch ways: 1, the physical degeneration of pre-gelatinized (α- of) starch, γ-rays, ultra-high frequency radiation treatment of starch, starch processing machinery grinding, heat treatment of starch, pre-gelatinized starch, modified starch, grease, smoke degeneration starch, modified starch extrusion, metal ion modified starch, modified starch EHV radiation. 2, chemically modified by various chemical reagent obtained modified starch. There are two categories: one is the molecular weight of the starch decreased, such as acid hydrolysis of starch, oxidized starch, dextrin baking; the other is to increase the molecular weight of the starch, such as cross-linked starch, esterified starch, etherified starch, then sticks starch. 3, enzymatic denaturation (modified organisms): Various enzyme treatment of starch. Such as α, β, γ- cyclodextrin, maltodextrin, amylose and the like. 4, the composite modified starch using two or more methods of treatment. Such as oxidized crosslinked starch, crosslinked starch esterified. Using composite modified starch obtained with respective advantages of the two modified starch. Cassava starch | Metropolis Trade and Industry (certified) | Starch Co. by Zhucheng new capital. Zhucheng Metropolis Ltd. (www.xdwzy.com) (www.xdwzy.com) is an industry leader in Shandong Weifang, flavor enhancers, over the years, the company implementing the scientific management, innovation and development, the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, the maximum limits to meet customer needs. Trade and Industry leaders in the new capital with the staff warmly welcome all inquiries negotiations to create a better future for the new capital, industry and trade. 
Contact Detail
Company Name: Zhucheng Metropolis Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Liu Bing super()
Telephone Number: 0536-2161028
Company Address: Zhucheng Shiqiaozi, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 262200
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