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Laser trimmers | laser trimmers low prices | Wan Ting trimming machine (certified merchants)

Laser trimmers | laser trimmers low prices | Wan Ting trimming machine (certified merchants)
Laser trimmers | laser trimmers low prices | Wan Ting trimming machine (certified merchants)
Laser trimmers | laser trimmers low prices | Wan Ting trimming machine (certified merchants)

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Company:Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wan Ting
Information Name: Laser trimmers | laser trimmers low prices | Wan Ting trimming machine (certified merchants)
Update Time:2015-04-26
Price Description: RMB/
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Laser trimmers apply to current sensor (current sensor): current sensor, also known as the Hall sensor is used to detect a sensor current. Due to reasons of discrete devices laser trimmers, produced poor product consistency, using laser trimming process can be a one-time adjustments to its zero position and output, adjusted high precision products, consistency is also greatly improved, improve the yield of products to enhance the quality of the product. For inquiries on various types of laser equipment, please call us on the telephone contact picture, we will be happy to serve you Guangzhou Wan Ting Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces industrial laser equipment: laser trimming machine, fiber laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer, inkjet printer ink, laser marking machine automation, non-standard laser marking machine series, mobile electronics industry, non-standard design, auto parts laser marking scheme design , auto parts clearly labeled (password) program to provide secondary development of software applications. Are you still using the potentiometer resistance change or artificial way to adjust the output voltage is it? Are you worried the market price is too high laser tune blocking unaffordable play? The principle is the use of laser trimming a bunch of very fine laser beam hit the thick film resistor laser trimming machine is suitable for mass production, through the resistors to achieve gasification evaporation cutting thick film circuit. The laser beam is computer cutting program a predetermined thickness, the sheet resistance, by changing the thickness, the geometry of the sheet resistance to change the resistor. As the laser cutting process, while real-time measurement of real-time monitoring thick film resistor changes, the thick film resistor circuit resistance continues to be close to the target, when the thick film resistors to achieve the goal of the resistance of the laser beam shut thick film laser trimming machine, laser trimming process of achieving. Market Status laser trimmers direct marketing applications mainly in thick film resistors industry, current market Houmodianlu industry demand is saturated large-scale enterprises, the latter has some small-scale businesses Houmodianlu presence of small amounts of demand; laser trimmers Another market applications - circuit trimming function (active tone), as it involves many sectors, but also with the development of technology and industrial upgrading, functional circuit trimming demand should be more vigorous. Combined with the application characteristics, the thick film circuit industry, resistance trimming industry requirements is relatively simple, can be easily standardized, currently in the thick film resistor trimming applications have largely standardized products, Wan Ting laser model TZ-330T can be achieved general thick film resistor laser trimming; trimming circuit function in the industry due to the application diversification, diversification requirements relative to the overall requirements for the equipment to be higher, sometimes standard laser trimmers can not directly meet the requirements , laser trimmers products are developed, especially the core control system, can provide customized services to high-precision laser trimming machine for a variety of customers, to meet different customer needs. Ting professional production of ten thousand laser laser trimmers, advice please call the picture, we are happy to serve you laser trimmers | low laser trimmers price | square Ting trimming machine (certified merchants) from Guangzhou Wan Ting laser equipment Limited. Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wan Ting (www.rowelaser.com) (www.rowelaser.com) cooperation projects in the machinery and industrial products in the field devoted boundless enthusiasm and passion, Wan Ting laser has been customer-centric, for customers The idea to create value, quality, service to win market, and sincerely hope to cooperate with the community to create success, create brilliant. Welcome to the relevant business information, contact: Mr. Lin. 
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Company Name: Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wan Ting
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Mr. Lin()
Telephone Number: 020-66230280
Company Address: Guangzhou Science City Choi G frequency Road 11 G410, G412, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal Code: 510000
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