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Explosion shook his head fans | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka Electrical

Explosion shook his head fans | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka Electrical
Explosion shook his head fans | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka Electrical
Explosion shook his head fans | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka Electrical

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Company:Kaka Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing
Information Name: Explosion shook his head fans | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka Electrical
Update Time:2015-01-11
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 Proof fans is how to install? Explosion-proof fan installed alignment operation, in accordance with various explosion-proof fan different accuracy requirements, drive, speed, power, etc., in which the content and extent have different requirements. Thus, according to the different requirements of proof fan installed and it is very important to find items. 1) foundation concrete surface cleaning, check the level of degree, such irregularities can be leveled uneven parts. 2) on the basis of proof onto the fan base, between the base surface and the base surface tomb inserted horn, during dry mortar inflows can only guarantee. Use this to adjust the level of the horn, so that the absolute level of proof fan base in the state. 3) When installing the general proof fan explosion shook his head fan price, different thickness can prepare several rectangular horn (steel), in order to adjust the number of blocks overlap, using coupling drive the proof fans can be used to check the coupling After adjusting the level, then welded and fixed. Horn inserted into both sides of the anchor bolt, adjust the level of the process, but also at the same time using the adjustment bolt adjustment. 4) bolt through the base of the bolt holes should be perpendicular to the bolt with a square hole. 5) with bolt holes and the gaps between the concrete base and foundation shall be filling enough mortar man, in order to ensure the strength of the concrete structural members. When installing or higher accuracy requirements important proof fans should first person buried irrigation mortar anchor bolt hole, let it fully hardened after explosion shook his head fan manufacturers, re-alignment, adjust the level of explosion shook his head fan, reached installation After the accuracy requirements, gap filling mortar and then stick people base and concrete foundation between. 6) Wait until the mortar has hardened sufficiently, the fastening bolt nut. 7) procedure for filling the entire installation process was very important proof fans. It is not only the space between the base and foundation concrete work, but also to deliver a load of explosion-proof fans, mechanical stiffness of the secondary also has a greater impact. Therefore, in the construction, special attention should be mud shrinkage and fracture resistance, take reasonable construction methods. Proof fans what role? Its structure and principles are what? Fan ventilation dust removal system is an important device, its role is to transport air, the system provides the required amount of wind, and to overcome the air flow generated by the system when resistance. Commonly used centrifugal fans Axial two. In general, clear conditions, from the L "fan applies the required air volume is small, the system resistance more occasions, while axial fan is commonly used for the desired air volume is large, small system resistance occasions. Ventilation and dust system resistance is large, it is mostly using centrifugal centrifugal fan ventilation Sapporo structure, which is mainly composed of the impeller, housing, intake port, exhaust port and the shaft, bearings, engine blocks and other components of the composition. explosion shook his head Fan | explosion shook his head fan | Kaka provided by Yueqing City Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Kaka Kaka Electric Electric Co. (www.kkdq.cc) strong, credible, the fan, ventilation equipment, etc. Wenzhou, Zhejiang. accumulated a large number of loyal customers. The company better work attitude and constantly improving Kaka innovative ideas will lead into the brilliant electric and you work for a better future! 
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Company Name: Kaka Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Feng Shusheng()
Telephone Number: 0577-61759562
Company Address: Changhong Industrial Zone, Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China
Zip/Postal Code: 325604
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