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International industrial lenses and camera brands get together unveiled Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai

International industrial lenses and camera brands get together unveiled Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai
International industrial lenses and camera brands get together unveiled Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai
International industrial lenses and camera brands get together unveiled Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai

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Company:World Exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Se..
Information Name: International industrial lenses and camera brands get together unveiled Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai
Update Time:2014-10-31
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 2015 China (Shanghai) International Machine Vision Technology & Application Exhibition Held in conjunction with: 2015 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition for modern industrial intelligence Date: May 13, 2015 -15 days Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Organizer: China Equipment Management Association Special Support: Chinese graphic images Industry Association of Taiwan automatic optical inspection equipment Union Organizer: China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, Shanghai Society of Image and Graphics Society of Image and Graphics Guangdong Overseas Supporters: US Automated Imaging Association of the European Machine Vision Association of Singapore Industrial Automation Association Sponsor: World Exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Letter Machine Vision Exhibition 2015 Shanghai - Asia's most professional exhibition, very important strategic choice marketing and brand development! With China's growing industrial equipment manufacturing, machine vision varieties are gradually increased, an increasing number of very large market demand. With Shanghai as the leading Jiangsu, Zhejiang Economic Zone. Here is China's fastest-growing economy, the maximum size of the total economy, the most promising sectors of the economy, is also one of the fastest growing areas of the machine vision industry to industry, for example, increasing the number of required annually, and Machine vision technology is getting better, and used in various fields, for the enterprise, not only to hold grip of market information at any time, but also to improve product quality and technical level. Based in Shanghai, spoke Asian body, the machine vision industry benchmark - leading technologies, standards and future development trend of efficient platform! Shanghai as the country's most professional, the most influential professional exhibition for machine vision market, China (Shanghai) International Machine Vision Exhibition is about to enter a brilliant second session. The Machine Vision Exhibition consistently uphold the "promote the development of industry, the spread of the world's latest machine vision technology, research and industry development strategy, promoting the transformation, to promote the machine vision industry to provide a broad platform to communicate with customers!" The Office will aim to strengthen the machinery visual market companies and countries around the world to communicate with industry cooperation, thus promoting the machine vision market to improve our level of industrial technology, and enhance the status of Chinese industry in the world market for machine vision industry sectors. Thus, the exhibition will be 2015 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition for the same period in modern industrial intelligence held so that domestic and foreign exhibitors to develop more effective international and domestic markets. I believe we bring you this exhibition opportunities, hope the industrial automation-related units to actively enrolled in! As of recently, Vision Shanghai 2015 fluttering work is being carried out in order, the breeze began a month, booth sales close to 50%, many industry leading companies competing exhibitors, Keyence, Sambo Societe Generale, Lingyun, Daheng, Canada Point Grey, Jia Heng, Shaanxi-dimensional, watcher, Mel Ott, Quan know, Basler, The Imaging Source, IDS, music visual, FLIR, high knowledge can, Figure star, more than 60 exhibitors were the debut exhibition, Booth sales booming unprecedented. I believe the exhibition will be able to enable enterprises to find more partners and vast opportunities. Exhibits categories: core components of intelligent machine vision camera: black and white smart cameras, intelligent line scan cameras, color smart cameras, CMOS smart cameras, ID code readers and so on; Card: black and white capture card, image compression / decompression board, color capture cards; package: image processing software, machine vision software tools; accessories: industrial cameras, CMOS cameras, CCD cameras, area scan camera, CAMERA-LINK camera, line scan cameras, infrared cameras, camera interface; industrial lenses: FA lens, high-resolution camera, image scanning lens, condenser lens, telecentric lenses; source: LED light source, ultraviolet lighting systems, infrared light source, fiber optic lighting systems; auxiliary products: sensors, calibration block, grating, washers, and even cable and connectors, power supply, backplane. Machine Vision Accessories: image processing systems: optical character recognition systems, automation / robotics, infrared imaging systems; Machine Vision Integration: character processing and identification systems, automation / robotics, infrared imaging systems, tobacco, money printing, electronic assembly , quality testing, automatic recognition (OCR / OCV), measurement, intelligent vision, surface inspection, printing, packaging, industrial complex visual objects online, automobile manufacturing, license plates, intelligent transportation, biometrics, surveillance, medical testing, optical inspection, etc. systems. Visitors from - China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, USA, Brazil, India, Dubai professional buyers: Machine Vision production and processing enterprises, traders, distributors, agents, scientific research institutions, domestic and foreign industry associations end-user: electronics, automation, software, integrated systems, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, petroleum, chemical, electric power, machinery and equipment, household appliances, toys, instruments, sports equipment, medical, metal plastic , computers, cameras, watches, communications, food, packaging and other industries through a comprehensive and accurate promotion of domestic and foreign counterparts and relevant industry associations to promote its show. By mail, fax, e-mail and other means to domestic and international professional buyers, dealers sent the invitation to visit. Mailed directly to key buyers show news, and pre-registration for their pre-despatch admission. Baidu and GOOgle by significant advertising, on payment of a number of key areas do targeted SMS invitation. 1. Participation Fee Note: light to stand at least 36 meters accrue, standard booths least 9 square accrue Category ordinary standard booth (9m2) Deluxe standard booth (9m2) indoor light to charge domestic enterprises RMB 12800 元 RMB 15800 yuan RMB 1200 yuan / m2 foreign companies $ 3000 $ 4000 $ 300 / m-funded enterprises RMB 20000 元 元 RMB 2000 RMB 23000 yuan / square meters standard booth booth configuration includes three panels, carpet, a negotiation table (information desk). two chairs, two spotlights, power socket (220V / 5A), the English company name fascia board; indoor and outdoor light to indoor and outdoor light land use of the area and use of space containing the exhibition period, excluding the standard booth. 2. The catalog and advertising costs related to the exhibition covers 25000 RMB Color Spread / 2P 15000 RMB inside front cover / title page 10000 RMB color full-page back cover 20000 RMB 1000 RMB 6000 RMB text Introduction Background board 5m * 6m 20000 RMB hall suspension hanging flags 2m * 2m 5800 RMB 18m 10000 RMB balloon arches airborne 1.4M * 18M 2000 RMB 20000 RMB to visit the Visitor Guide / exhibitor badges. sling / bag / tickets, etc. 3. Enterprises according to their own needs and technological exchanges will be organized during the exhibition / new conference details, please consult the organizing committee of the exhibition contact us Beijing International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shi letter line: (86) 010-56153758 Tel: 86-010-56296083-806 Fax: (86) 010-58126807 Contact: Ginger famous 15727382625 Online QQ; 2661206986 
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Company Name: World Exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Se..
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