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Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0

Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0
Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0
Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0

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Company:Shanghai Han Guangdong Automation System Co., Ltd.
Information Name: Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0
Update Time:2013-03-22
Specifications:Siemens TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0
Price Description: RMB/
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Siemens touch screen TP700 Siemens touch screen 7-inch touch screen 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 TP700 Siemens Siemens touch screen TP700 John Guangdong, Shanghai Automation System Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Cai Yizheng () Mobile: 18817793600 (24-hour reception) Tel 021 -60531291 Fax :021 -57657276 Remarks recipient QQ: 171 962 398 E-mail: 171962398@qq.com Website: www.han yue.com address: Sixian Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai Runfeng Court 2399, No. 137, Lane described the SIMATIC HMI TP700 COMFORT COMFORT PANEL TOUCH the OPERATION 7 "WIDESCREEN TFT-DISPLAY, 16 MIL. COLORS PROFINET INTERFACE MPI / PROFIBUS DP INTERFACE, 12 MB USER the MEMORY, WINDOWS CE 6.0 CONFIGURABLE FROM WINCC COMFORT the V11 product life cycle to allow supplier product discontinuation phase products cancel product discontinuation 2011-04-21? excellent man-machine interface, suitable for demanding applications? widescreen TFT display diagonal size is 4 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches, 19 inch and 22-inch (16 million colors), compared with the previous equipment display area increased by up to 40%? integrated high-end features, with archive, scripts, PDF / Word / Excel Viewer, Internet Explorer, Media Player? can PROFIenergy, HMI project or controller to adjust the brightness of the display in the range of 0 - 100%? modern industrial design, cast aluminum front end, applies to more than 7 inches? touch devices are mounted vertically? best choice: provide 7 Touch models and five key models? equipment when a power failure occurs, the data safety and SIMATIC Human Machine Interface memory card data security? innovative maintenance and debugging, via a second SD card (automatically backup)? through Standard cable (standard Ethernet cable, a standard USB cable) easily project transfer? screen refresh time is short, very high performance? due to the extended authentication (such as ATEX 2/22), suitable for extreme industrial environments? many communication options: built-in PROFIBUS and PROFINET interface; 2 PROFINET interface with integrated switch, applicable to Model 7 inches or greater; plus a PROFINET interface, support for Gigabit transmission applies to the 15-inch or larger models? All models can be used as a client or as OPC DA OPC UA server? buttons to operate the equipment, each function keys with LED, a new text input method, similar to the phone's keypad? buttons to operate the equipment, with the print button, with the most good tactile feedback? all the keys have a service life of 200 million times? use TIA Portal WinCC engineering software configuration Siemens touch screen TP700? integrated component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA): increase productivity, minimize project costs, reduce the life cycle cost? limited installation space can also be used in the vertical position (all touch devices).? have the following characteristics, can reduce the cost of maintenance and debugging:? configuration efficiency project download, so configuration and debugging time shorter? available via the the SIMATIC HMI optional memory card automatically backup? background lighting life cycle? maintenance-free design? when power to ensure data security? input / output fields, graphics, trend curves, histograms, text and bitmap elements can easily display process values? graphics library with preconfigured screen objects? can be used globally £ o? configuration 32 kinds of online languages ??(including Asian and Cyrillic character sets)? switch 32 languages ??online? relevant language text and graphics? standard hardware and software interfaces to improve flexibility and eliminating the need for additional hardware:? built-in PROFIBUS and PROFINET interface (7-inch and above models, two PROFINET port with integrated switch)? both SD card slot can be used for storage archiving and user data, and for automatic backup? USB device interface can be used to easily download? USB host interface can be used to connect a USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse and printer? For 7 inch and above models, audio input / output interface with integrated media player is used in combination? Standard Windows storage format (CSV), and for archiving and formulations, in order to achieve further processing using standard tools (such as Microsoft Excel)? can be the Sm @ rtServer optional modular expansion, so that communication and remote maintenance of the number of colors of the display screen Specifications TFT screen diagonal 7 in screen width of 152.4 mm screen height 91.4 mm 16777216 resolution between various SIMATIC HMI system ( 800 pixels) level of image resolution vertical image resolution of 480 backlight MTBF backlighting (a temperature of 25 ° C) 80000 h adjustable background lighting; 0-100% operating elements keyboard font number of function keys with LED buttons No digital input and letters of whether the system is key the input numeric keypad; alphanumeric keyboard is on-screen keyboard;-screen keyboard touch screen touch screen is the number of process operation expansion / light-emitting diode (LED) F1 ... Fx 0 quantity / keys F1 ... Fx 0 Direct keys (touch keys as S7 input peripherals) 32 installation / installation can be installed vertically (portrait format) can be mounted transversely (horizontal format) is a type of power supply voltage of the power supply voltage DC Rated voltage / DC 24 V allowable range, the lower limit ( DC) 19.2 V allowable range, the upper limit (DC) 28.8 V input current consumption current (nominal) 0.5 A I2t maximum power of 0.5 A2 · s power, the typical value of 12 W Processor Type X86 ARM No Memory Flash RAM is available memory for user data the 12 Mbyte output type Info LED No power LED No Error LED No sound buzzer, whether the speaker is a time clock hardware clock (real-time clock) software clock No cache can be synchronized interface RS 485 interfaces; RS 422/485 interface combination USB interface quantity 2; USB 2.0 mini-B type USB interface number of 1; 0 20 mA 5 pin SD card slot number of the number of parallel interface Interface Quantity (TTY) 0 RS 232 interface quantity 0 RS 422 interface number of a number of other interfaces with a software interface whether industrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet interface number of industrial Ethernet status LED integrated switch ports quantity 2 protocol PROFINET PROFINET IO protocol support support IRT support MRP is PROFIBUS MPI protocol (Ethernet) TCP / IP is DHCP SNMP DCP LLDP network properties HTTP HTTPS No HTML is XML CSS is Active X No JavaScript is CAN No the Java VM No other agreement MODBUS support the EtherNet / IP protocol alarm / diagnostic / status information diagnostic information diagnostic information readable; S7 controller EMV radiated radio interference suppression of radio interference radiation in line with EN 55 011 (threshold level A) according to EN 55 011 standard radio radiated interference meets EN 55 011 (threshold level B) whether the degree of protection and protection class Protection class (EN 60529) IP20 IP (front) IP65 type 4, positive Type 4x positive standard license, certificate CE KC license cULus C-TICK GL No ABS No; preparation; preparation BV No; preparation DNV, LRS No; the preparation level NK whether; ready to PRS No use in hazardous areas ATEX Zone 2 ATEX zone 22 is cULus Class I Zone 1 No the cULus I Class 2 District 2 FM I class 2 is the maximum allowable tilt angle of 35 ° operating temperature operation (vertical installation) environment requires the installation of a vertical position without external ventilation when installed vertically / minimum value of 0 ° C in the vertical installation / maximum of 50 ° C operation (maximum tilt angle) when the maximum tilt angle / minimum 0 ° C in the maximum tilt angle / maximum of 40 ° C operation (vertical mounting, vertical format) vertical installation / min 0 ° C when installed vertically / maximum of 40 ° C operation (maximum tilt angle, vertical format) in the maximum tilt angle / Min / max 35 ° maximum tilt angle of 0 ° C C Storage / transport temperature Min -20 ° C max 60 ° C relative humidity maximum relative air humidity of 90% of the operating system, Windows CE is proprietary No other No configuration message is displayed with the message system (including buffer and response is) process value display (output) may require that the process value (input) WinCC flexible Compact, program management, configuration software STEP 7 Basic (TIA Portal) STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) No, No, No of WinCC flexible the Standard No WinCC flexible WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal), Advanced No No WinCC Basic (TIA Portal); V11 version WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal); V11 version WinCC Professional (TIA Portal); V11 language online language online version / run-time language the number of each of the 32 languages ??items languages ??32 languages ??D GB F I E CHN "Traditional" CHN "simplified" the DK FIN GR J KP / ROK NL N PL P RUS is S CZ SK TR H is a function library in WinCC flexible application software / option Internet Explorer Pocket Word Pocket Excel PDF Viewer is a media player SIMATIC WinCC Sm @ rtServer SIMATIC WinCC Audit Visual Basic Scripts Task Scheduler time control tasks control the number of characters to help each information text 70 32 the number of messages in the number of message classes with the message system (including buffer and transponder) 4000 analog message 200 S7 message numbering method the system message HMI system messages (SIMATIC S7, Sinumerik, Simotion, etc.) is the number of characters in each message 80 each message number of process values ??confirm group message indicator is the number of message buffer entries 1024 circular buffer is retained is maintenance-free the the recipe formulation number of 300 data sets of each recipe 500 entries for each data set 1000 internal formulations memory capacity 2 Mbyte the formulations memory can be expanded to the variables of each device of the variable number of 2048 images variable number 400 threshold is multiplexed structure array 500 permanent window of the screen the number of pictures that can be configured / default is the global picture is configurable boot image is by PLC select the image is the image number in the PLC 400 text area of ??the picture object number of objects in each image is an I / O area is a graphical I / O area (graphical list) is a symbolic form, I / O area (text list) is the date / time domain is the switch button graphical display icon is a geometric object is a complex number of objects in each image of the complex picture object 20 news show is the curve shows the user status / control is Sm @ rtClient display is the recipe f (x) curve display system diagnostics display Media Player is a bar chart is the sliding regulator indicative instrument analog table / electronic table text list of the number of each of the items in this list 500 the number of entries for each text list 500 graphics list the number of each item 500 each graphical list of number of entries to 500 the number of documents archived each device 50 the number of entries in each document 20000 message file process values ??file archiving way sequence file circular file memory location of memory card USB memory Ethernet data storage Format CSV TXT RDB is the number of the number of the number of security user group of 50 users permission to 32 users 50 passwords Export / Import SIMATIC Logon is through the printer records news report (layer protocol) is a hard copy is electronic print file is; pdf, html characters set keyboard font American (English) character set Tahoma Arial or Courier New WinCC flexible Standard Edition is a pictorial language fonts can be scaled can download additional character sets to send (upload / download) MPI / PROFIBUS DP USB Ethernet is the use of external storage media whether the process is connected to S7-1200 S7-1500 S7-200 and S7-300/400 LOGO is the SINUMERIK whether SIMOTION No Win AC; follow-up version of the band WinCC Allen Bradley (EtherNet / IP), Allen Bradley (DF1), Mitsubishi (MC TCP / IP) Mitsubishi (FX) OMRON (FINS TCP) No OMRON (LINK / Multilink), Modicon (Modbus TCP / IP) is a Modicon (Modbus) protocols / support / OPC UA server No service tools / configuration tools clear screen touch calibration backup / restore automatic backup / restore analog devices convert incremental transfer is the peripherals / option peripheral printer Multimedia Card SD card USB memory is whether aluminum mechanical / material shell type (positive) plastic stainless whether the size of the housing front width 214 mm shell positive height 158 ??mm depth / install size installed cross-section of 63 mm, width 197 mm mounting cross-section, height 141 mm Weight without packaging weight 1.4 kg Weight 1.6 kg with packaging, including
Contact Detail
Company Name: Shanghai Han Guangdong Automation System Co., Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Cai Yizheng(Engineer)
Telephone Number: 021-60531291
Company Address: Sixian Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai Yun Fung Court, 2399, No. 137, Lane, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Zip/Postal Code: 201600
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