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Fuji Touch screen UG430H-SS4DZ625. Maintenance

Fuji Touch screen UG430H-SS4DZ625. Maintenance
Fuji Touch screen UG430H-SS4DZ625. Maintenance
Fuji Touch screen UG430H-SS4DZ625. Maintenance

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Company:The Nanchang Tiandou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Information Name: Fuji Touch screen UG430H-SS4DZ625. Maintenance
Update Time:2013-03-09
Price Description: RMB/
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 98 No. 3 floor the Nanchang Tiandou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. professional Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanchang Tiandou Contact 18070021135 Mr. Tel 0791-87698391 0791-87639331 Website http://www.jxtd888.com/ address Nanchang Qingshan Lake District Hongdu Avenue repair Fuji touch screen, common faults such as: on electric black, snowflakes, Huaping, dark screen, touch malfunction, content disorder, into not the system interface, no backlight, backlight dark, there backlight no character, can not communicate, Broken button, power board pressure plate failure, LCD, bad motherboard, the company in a variety of models accessories. Fuji touch screen parts supply: the touchscreen touch lens; touchscreen button membrane; touch screen LCD; touch screen motherboard; touch-screen power board; touch screen pressure plate; touchscreen lamp, a variety of models of the company have accessories. UG330H-SS4 UG221H-LE4 UG221H-LR4 UG221H-SR4 UG420H-SC1 UG320H-SC4 UG221H-SC4 UG530H-VH1 12 "1 TFT color, 800x600 dots, 100-240VAC (12.1-inch color) UG530H-VH4 12" TFT color 800x600 dots, the of 24VDC (color 12.1-inch) UG530H-VS1 12 "TFT color, 640x480 dots, 100-240VAC (color 12.") UG530H-VS4 12 "TFT color, 640x480 dots, 24VDC (color 12.1-inch) UG430H- SS1 10 "the four TFT color 640x480 dots, 100-240VAC (10.4-inch color) UG330H-VS4 7.7" STN color, 640x480 dots, 24VDC (color, 7.7-inch) UG330H-SS4 7.7 "STN color, 640x480 dots, 24VDC (color, 7.7 inch) UG221H-LE4 5.7 "STN monochrome, 320x240 dots, 24VDC (monochrome 5.7 inch) UG221H-LR4 5.7" STN monochrome, 320x240 dots, 24VDC data backup (monochrome 5.7-inch, built-in data backup function) UG221H-SR4 5.7 STN 16 color, 320x240 dots, 24VDC (5.7-inch color) UNIOP touch screen repair Touch Series Handheld Series white touch screen repair HAKKO V Series 
Contact Detail
Company Name: The Nanchang Tiandou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Support Long Water(Manager)
Telephone Number: 87698391 , 87639331
Company Address: Nanchang the Hongdu in Avenue 98 3, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Zip/Postal Code:
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