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Supply Swiss maxon motor DC geared motor control motor stepper motor

Supply Swiss maxon motor DC geared motor control motor stepper motor
Supply Swiss maxon motor DC geared motor control motor stepper motor
Supply Swiss maxon motor DC geared motor control motor stepper motor

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Company:Beijing Han Dasen International Trade Co., Ltd.
Information Name: Supply Swiss maxon motor DC geared motor control motor stepper motor
Update Time:2013-01-30
Specifications:Swiss maxon
Price Description: RMB/
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maxon motor is a Swiss company, headquartered in the central city of Switzerland, Sachseln, has 1,865 employees worldwide. In more than 30 countries, the company established a good the localized sales service system. maxon motor in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary have a production line, is a worldwide supplier of high precision motors and drive systems. 40 years of glorious history, the constant renewal of the institution's top products and good customer service make maxon become a trusted supplier of drive products. The brand model MAXON MOTOR 2332.968-51.225-200 + the HP ENCODER HEDS-5310 TAMAGAWA MOTOR TS4501N2000E100 MAXON MOTOR 2332.970-21.116-000 TAMAGAWA MOTOR TS4503N2036E501 MAXON MOTOR 232.970-21.118-000 TAMAGAWA MOTOR TS4502N2000E200 MAXON MOTOR MODEL #: 226 785 TAMAGAWA MOTOR TS4509N2000E100 MAXON MOTOR MODEL #: 226784 TAMAGAWA MOTOR TS4509N7000E100 MAXON MOTOR MODEL #: 236659 TESEC 906 phase controller U7DK-5114N MAXON MOTOR MODEL #: the 214 896 TOSOK the ENCODER RE19C :2332.970-21 .116-000 TSUKASA MOTOR MAXON MOTOR MODEL # TG-01D-UN-64-KA MAXON MOTOR 41.032.038-00.00-293 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-05L-SG-50-KA MAXON MOTOR 44.026.000-00.07 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-05A-AM - 25-KA MAXON MOTOR 135675 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-38E-AM- 25-KA MAXON MOTOR 41.026.038-00-00-159 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-05J-AM-25-KA MAXON MOTOR MODEL # :232.970-21 .118-000 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-05L-AM-50-KA MAXON MOTOR 118755 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-01D-RU-49.3-KA MAXON MOTOR 118743 TSUKASA MOTOR SGM-A5B312 MAXON MOTOR 118746 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-38C-SG-50 MAXON MOTOR 137597 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-38C-AM-60-KA MAXON MOTOR 43.032.000- 22.00-159 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-06B-AG-36-KA MAXON MOTOR 44.022.000-00.09-343 + HP ENCODER HEDS-5540 TSUKASA MOTOR TJ - 38E-AM-50-KA MAXON MOTOR 41.040.038-00.00.148 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-01G-FU-64-KA MAXON MOTOR 110456 TSUKASA MOTOR TG-05L-SG-60-KA MAXON MOTOR 2140.937-22.116-050 TUBO platen motor 02920-1023-000 MAXON MOTOR 41.040.038-00.00-148 ULVAC PUMP DA-12S MAXON MOTOR 2332.965.12.216.200 VEXTA MOTOR PH266M-E1.2 MAXON MOTOR 110456 YASKAWA AC SERVO MOTOR SGML-08AF14 800W 200V 3000R/MIN MAXON MOTOR 2332.968.12.216.200 YASKAWA AC SERVO MOTOR SGMSH-15AC A2B 1500W MAXON MOTOR 110452 YASKAWA AMPLIFIER SGDM-02ADA MAXON MOTOR 110451 YASKAWA AMPLIFIER SGDA-A5AP MAXON MOTOR 133735 YASKAWA AMPLIFIER SGDA-A6AP DIGITRL MAXON MOTOR CONTROL 4-Q-EC AMPLIFLER DECV 50/5 305259 MAXON DC MOTOR 118775 114492 MAXON DC MOTOR 118783 SCANCON 2RMHF2000- 582933 021022-252630 582999 MAXON DC MOTOR 218918 110470 MAXON DC MOTOR 218918 110470 2MC-H-500-582912 D1D111-197211 MAXON DC MOTOR 233828 HEDL-5540 MAXON DC MOTOR 254609 HEDL-5540 A11 MAXON DC MOTOR MAXON EC MOTOR 147597 HEDL-5540 A11 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.032.038-00.00-270 2332.970-23.116-100 18:1 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.032.038-00.00-270 2938.803-0018.0-000K MAXON DC MOTOR 41.032.038-00.00-281 2332.968-23.118-100 2938.803 -0030.0-00 MAXON DC MOTOR 47.040.038-00.08-050 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.040.038-00.00-140 30:1 MAXON DC MOTOR 2140-30 2938.803-0030.0.00 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.022. 024-00.00-164 2924.814-0020.0-000 MAXON DC MOTOR 2924.814-0020.0-000 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.022.022-00.00-345 GP022A030-0019B1A004 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.026.026-00.00-324 30:1 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.022.022 -00.00-902 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.022.022-00.00-202 MAXON DC MOTOR 47.022.022-00.19-312 3419.061/04 MAXON DC MOTOR 41.026.026-00.00-398 2326.939-12.216-200 88855 01377 1193:1 20/95 180Ncm MAXON DC MOTOR 2326.945-14.111-050 30:1 MAXON DC MOTOR 2326.941-12.116-107 MAXON DC MOTOR 2326.939-12.216-200 41.026.026-00.00-457 GP026A042-0199C1A00A MAXON DC MOTOR 2320.915-11.111-000 44040500 MAXON DC MOTOR 2332.966-61.216-200 110454 MAXON DC MOTOR 2332.968-12.216-200 MAXON DC MOTOR 2140.934-2x.xxx-x28 30:1 MAXON DC MOTOR 44.060.000-00.17-051 MAXON DC MOTOR 2260.881-50.216-201 MAXON DC MOTOR 44.060. 00-00.09-071 HEDS-5500 A11 MAXON DC MOTOR 2260.885-73.216-200 44.060-000-00.17-067 HP SINGAPORE HEDS-6310 HP encoder HEDS-5700 A02 advantage to supply the following brands: Italy UNIMEC Germany INTERNORMEN Italy Burocco Swiss Maxon moto Germany Bühler Motor Germany TSCHAN Germany Speck Germany GOSSEN Germany Stuewe Germany ETA Germany BMR Germany Dunkermotoren Germany ZARGES Germany STOEBER Germany IBC WITELS-ALBERT, Germany Germany HAWE Germany GWB Spicer Germany HYDROKOMP the Lumberg Germany, Germany B + B Germany Vogel Germany WALTHER-PRAEZISION Germany GERWAH Germany Schiedrum Germany AMS Germany Baumer IVO Germany Gessmann Italy ITELCOND Germany VS Sensorik Germany Murr elektronik Germany Rohde Germany KOSTYRKA British Albright Germany Moeller Italy Omil Germany Kniel Germany MGV Germany SUCO Germany GWK Germany RINGSPANN Germany Mauell Germany ARI-Armaturen Germany MUNK Germany Laipple Germany Pister Spain IMET Germany Fuchs Italy Varvel Italy Pressmair Germany MESA Germany HUGRO Germany RUG Amphenol-Tuchel Unitec AG, Switzerland, Germany, Lenord + Bauer Germany EUROTEC Germany Edelstahlservice Germany aqua signal Germany Kuenle Germany haewa Germany Huco Italy IMSYSTEM Switzerland LEM Italy ATE Electronics Germany Timmer Germany BILZ Germany INGUN Italy CEME Germany the BRECO Germany BRECO
Contact Detail
Company Name: Beijing Han Dasen International Trade Co., Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Xu Jianbing(Staff member)
Telephone Number: 010-52667713
Company Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, China
Zip/Postal Code:
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