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Supply U.S. Masoneilan locator Masoneilan Masoneilan valves

Supply U.S. Masoneilan locator Masoneilan Masoneilan valves
Supply U.S. Masoneilan locator Masoneilan Masoneilan valves
Supply U.S. Masoneilan locator Masoneilan Masoneilan valves

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Company:Shanghai platinum scaly trade Co., Ltd.
Information Name: Supply U.S. Masoneilan locator Masoneilan Masoneilan valves
Update Time:2012-12-16
Price Description: RMB/
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American Masoneilan Masoneilan valves Masoneilan is one of the industry leaders in the design, manufacture and support of final process control factors and solutions, is the main part of the Dresser Group, to provide a different range of valve products for the different stages of the energy industry . These industries include aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, paper, and refining. Masoneilan valves and process control industry pioneers, has been in more than a century, it was originally by a man named William Mason's young inventor was founded in 1882. Masoneilan the continuous improvement of its technology continues to progress with the level of service, continued to prove its technology leadership in the industry and innovative thinking and solutions development and progress. Masoneilan provides different categories of products, these products include both general also include the ability to meet demanding service requirements of the control valve, actuator, pressure regulator and professional use of the instrument. A broad range of products Masoneilan as the world's single supplier to provide professional services to customers. Reducing valve 78-40,78-4,78-80 S lock bits valve 77-60,77-80,77-6,08-80 S, 08-80H ,00-80H, the rotary valve Locator 4700E, straight trip Locator 4701E, locator 4200,4200 E, 4280E, Rotaryswitch496-7 Location is the 496-855,496-558 converter I/P4000 ,8007-055 locator 8007-057,8012-2-C, 8013 -255,8013-058,8013-258,8013-257, SVI2AP21113121 original: SVI2 21,111,121, SVI2AP21113111 the original: SVI2 21,111,111, SVI2AP21123111 locator SVI2AP21123121 original: SVI2 21,121,121, SVI2AP22123111 original: SVI2 22,121,111 SVI2AP22113111, SVI05500- 484-888, SVI2-22113121, SVI-22111121, filter BR200, BR400 of the filter, adjusting valve 35-35112 ,496-2 88-4193561800, SVI2AP22113111 Locator locator 320-058 Old Model 120-058 valve 88 -21125/4711P/78-40 valve 35-35212, locator 4280, etc..
Contact Detail
Company Name: Shanghai platinum scaly trade Co., Ltd.
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Zhao Wenji(Sales Manager)
Telephone Number: 021-31156786-8006
Company Address: 635 Lingling Road, Xuhui District, Aibo 8E, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Zip/Postal Code: 200030
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