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The king grass Wong grass Sudan grass seed, Shandong Xintai comprehensive agriculture

The king grass Wong grass Sudan grass seed, Shandong Xintai comprehensive agriculture
The king grass Wong grass Sudan grass seed, Shandong Xintai comprehensive agriculture
The king grass Wong grass Sudan grass seed, Shandong Xintai comprehensive agriculture

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Company:Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong ..
Information Name: The king grass Wong grass Sudan grass seed, Shandong Xintai comprehensive agriculture
Update Time:2012-11-29
Price Description: RMB/
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Products Sudan grass are annual grasses, with a wide range of adaptability, the country south of Hainan, north to Inner Mongolia can cultivation. Sudangrass developed root system, drought and strong, planted in annual rainfall of only 250 mm, you can still get a higher yield. Saline if rational fertilization, can grow strong, rapidly renewable. 5,000 -8 1,000 kg per mu offer grass, it is a stable, high-yielding, high quality features, rich in digestible nutrients, the green period protein digestion rate of 44%, 57% fat, 64% cellulose, palatability good, sudangrass fish green material of choice for a variety of animals like to eat. Species and 3 kg per mu! Professional decade, quality assurance! ! The product attributes Wang grass are the profusion tall grasses. Developed root system. The stalk shape of sugar cane. Leaves elongated strips. Dense panicles was spicate. Caryopsis spindly, pale yellow, shiny. Hi warm and humid climatic conditions, intolerance to cold, drought resistance, and fire resistance. But poor growth in the long-term waterlogging and high temperatures and drought conditions. Methods of food is a wide range of soil adaptability, grows well in acidic red soil or mild alkali soil, especially in the deep soil, rich in organic matter, loam to clay on the growth of height. Domestic Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, widely cultivated, Jiangsu, Fujian, Yunnan, Hunan, introduction and cultivation. Abroad, mainly distributed in Central and South America. Suitable for mowing of ensilage or modulation silage feeding value. Good feed of all herbivorous animals such as cattle, sheep, rabbits, fish, geese, ducks, ostriches, the growth characteristics Wong grass is a perennial herb from elephant grass and the Americas Pennisetum hybrid. Plant up to 3.5 -4 · 5 m. Stems erect, stout, plant partakers sin 20-30. Leaves 60-120 cm long, 2.5 -3 · 5 cm. . The nutritional value of King Grass is generally not flowering and seed breeding species stems. Its obvious advantages, is a promising new forage varieties. Economic value in good faith to serve the community. Integrity built on the brand! Our company is a modern professional grass seed production and operation of enterprises, is a professional company for most early research and development of pasture and farming. Recent years, with more than a dozen research institutions, the establishment of good relations of cooperation, the introduction of various types of new practical the famous new varieties. Forage, health vegetables, lawn seed and other products of the company, the full range of high purity products are sold throughout the country and exported to Malaysia, praised by customers. Production and use Address: Xintai City, Shandong Province, comprehensive special breeding Institute Website: www.tzyz.cn www.tzyz.com Tel :0538-7,065,208 QQ: 331 320 998 phone: 13053816388 other description of the Agricultural Bank of China: 6,228,480,270,441,994,513 Postal: 622188463000 8434368 ICBC: 9,558,801,604,100,843,794 built the line: 4,367,422,220,402,456,035 Credit Union: 6223 1909 1027 3272 Bank of China: Bank: 408,866,020,106,943 Shandong Taian Xintai Branch username: Zhang Guanzhong (banking regulations: Remittance to bring along and show their identification documents, Please carry)! The transaction ① bank transfer, payment and delivery; (2) do not trust online shopping optional Taobao Alipay transaction!
Contact Detail
Company Name: Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong ..
Employee Number: 11 - 50 persons
Annual export:
Year Established: 1998
Contact Person: Mr. Zhang Guanzhong(Manager)
Telephone Number: 0538-7065208
Company Address: Shandong Xintai comprehensive agricultural technology companies, Taian City, Shandong Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 271200
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