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Textile fabric show in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013/2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition

Textile fabric show in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013/2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition
Textile fabric show in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013/2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition
Textile fabric show in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013/2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition

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Company:Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Aiwei off
Information Name: Textile fabric show in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013/2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition
Update Time:2012-11-23
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2013 Indonesia Jakarta International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition Exhibition Date: April 2013 18 - 21 exhibition pavilions: Indonesia Jakarta International Exhibition Center support units: the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Indonesia Exhibition Organization, the Indonesian Textile alliance, Indonesia etc. apparel League. Scope of Exhibits: synthetic fabric (woven / knitted), natural fiber fabric (woven / knitted), yarn and fiber, fancy finishing, home textiles, bags, quilt, blankets, accessories, CAD / CAM; bed linen , wallpaper, upholstery, kitchen textile fabrics, upholstery fabrics, wall decoration; fibers, monofilament and raw materials; accessories: ribbon, buttons, sewing, embroidery, artificial diamond accessories, ribbons, badges, buttons, rubber trim, button, zipper, shoulder pads. Market Profile: Indonesia is exported to the U.S. apparel ranked one of the top five countries, the garment export more than nine billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth rate of more than 13%. Indonesia Asia Pacific fiber company executives said that many foreign textile and garment manufacturers will enter Indonesia, and a number of European orders began to turn to their own. They believe that the industry will continue to grow, the textile industry in the field than people have always imagined stronger. The global textile manufacturers are turning to Indonesia Order yarn and man-made fibers, and at the same time, the international textile industry and clothing manufacturers also started to target Indonesia as its production base. Fabric exports from China, China's fabric exports to developing countries especially in the textile industry are working to the development of the relative lack of raw materials and rapid market growth, the fabric exports $ 758 million to Indonesia in 2008, a year-on-year growth of 12.24%. Why Indonesia? Indonesia's textile, apparel and accessories industry is experiencing unprecedented rapid development, the rapid pace of development has exceeded demand in Indonesia, it became the largest industrial sector of the newly minted Indonesian save take foreign exchange. Textile industry important industry in Indonesia, in Indonesia employed population of 94 million, 12% concentrated in the manufacturing sector (about 1,130 people), and the textile industry employment in the manufacturing sector accounts for about 15% (about 175 million people, not contains 2 million indirect employment of the population), the textile industry in the past 10 years, an annual average of over 5 billion U.S. dollars for Indonesia's foreign exchange earnings. Indonesian Ministry of Industry Statistics, in 2008, Indonesia's textile exports amounted to $ 11 billion, $ 11.8 billion in 2009, the Indonesian textile exports in 2010 is expected to reach $ 13.88 billion, can earn a surplus of $ 11.7 billion, and expectations in 2010 2.25 million new jobs in 2030, 6.17 million new jobs. The textile industry has been the largest export contributor outside the oil and gas in Indonesia. Indonesian production of textiles and clothing for 70% of exports, its two largest export market for the United States and the European Union (representing approximately 60% of total exports). In the economic and trade relations between Indonesia: Indonesia's major trading partners except the European Union and the United States, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, including the nine major trading partner countries of China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's economy, China's trade status for Indonesia continue to rise, now rose to fourth place from Indonesia's fifth largest trading partner, to become Indonesia's third largest after Japan and the United States, the importing country. The Indonesian government attaches great importance to this development momentum, and the establishment of the Indonesia - China trade special team led personally by the Minister of Trade and Industry. The group is intended to strengthen the guidance and the development of short-term policies to further the implementation of trade and economic cooperation agreement signed to promote cooperation and exchange of both the industrial and commercial sectors, to create and improve the trading environment to promote the development of bilateral trade. Indonesia's textile and garment exports increased by 25%, according to the latest statistics of the Indonesian Textile Association, the Indonesian textile and garment industry in recent years, there have been encouraging recovery, exports steadily increased. The first quarter of this year, the textile and apparel exports worth $ 2.5 billion, a year-on-year growth of 25%. The textile and garment industry is one of Indonesia's traditional industry, its output value, export and employment size has been among the forefront of various industries. In order to revitalize the textile and garment industry, the Government of Indonesia in recent years stepped up efforts to support the textile and garment industry, export tax rebates to encourage banks to provide low-interest or preferential loans to help businesses update equipment, the introduction of advanced technology and modern management, still , raw materials and labor protection to provide continuous support. Indonesian textile industry believe that the share of the European market share of 10% of the Indonesian textile industry entrepreneurs optimistic about the potential of the export industry force, and also believe that when Indonesia EU trade cooperation agreement to implement at least 10 percent of the market share in Europe. ??? Indonesia and EU cooperation has been included in the economic partnership agreement, the agreement is still in a preliminary discussion stage. Textile Association (API) Secretary-General 艾尔诺菲安 said that at present, the total exports of $ 11 billion, or 18.5% of the exports of textiles in Europe. He pointed out that Indonesia for the European market, only the eighth largest importer have the market share is still less than 10%, which is less than the Indian products, because the Indian textile industry is quite powerful and prosperous. For example, Indonesia set a $ 14 billion export target the indicators by India has reached to 40 billion U.S. dollars. Join the European market in the European Union free trade agreement, the Indonesian textile industry failed to have a wide range of produce, because EU free trade agreement, countries such as Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, are needed warm clothing texture, however, Indonesia industrial by technology limitations, the production of cotton clothing is one of the few. Trade cooperation discussions with the European Union and the European Free Trade Agreement countries, entrepreneurs have also requested the government concerned about the area of ??the implementation of the tax-free ordinance. It is understood that there are at least six tax-free ordinance to implement the European countries, such as registration, evaluation, chemical authorized and qualified legal system (REACH) and the Renewable Energy Directive. District group exhibition proxy: Aiwei off Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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