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The supply ELTAKO relay

The supply ELTAKO relay
The supply ELTAKO relay
The supply ELTAKO relay

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Company:Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Great Western ..
Information Name: The supply ELTAKO relay
Update Time:2012-10-18
Price Description: RMB/
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ELTAKO relay Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page ER11-001-ER12-001-ER12-001-C5 ER12-100-ER12DX-C1 ER11-200-ER12-200-ER12-200-C2 ER11- 002 - ER12-002-ER12-002-C6 EKR11-001-EKR12-001-ER12-001-C5 ER12P-EUD12D-B3 ER12NP-ESR12NP-C3 ER12M-ESR12M-ESR12DDX-Electromechanical impulse switches Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up- to-date Page S11-100-S12-100-S12-100-J2 S11-110-S12-110-S12-110-J2 S11-200-S12-200-S12-200-J2 S S11-110 - S S12 -110 - S S12-110 - J2 GS11-110 - GS12-110 - ESR12DDX-A5 S11-400-S12-400-S12-400-J3 S11-310-S12-310-S12-310-J3 S11-220- S12-220-S12-220-J3 S12.2-, XS12.2-ES12Z-A6 S12.3-, XS12.3-ES12Z-4x-ESR12Z-4DX-A7 Electromechanical switching relays Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to -date Page R11-100-R12-100-R12-100-K2 R11-110-R12-110-R12-110-K2 R11-200-R12-200-R12-200-K2 R11-020-R12-020- 230 V R12-020-230 V K2 R11-400-R12-400-R12-400-K2 R11-310-R12-310-R12-310-K2 R11-220-R12-220-R12-220-K2 VR11- VR12-ER12-C2 + C5 ESR12------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------- C3 Staircase time switches, off-delay timers Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page TLZ12.0-TLZ12E-TLZ12-8E-D1 TLZ12.0E-TLZ12-8E-D1 TLZ11-220V TLZ12-TLZ12NP TLZ12-8E-D1 EZ11-220V TLZ12-TLZ12-8E-D1 TLZ12.2-TLZ12-8E-D1 EZ11.1-TLZ12.1-TLZ12M TLZ12D-D2 TLZ12.3-TLZ12-8E-D1 TLZ12.4-TLZ12M.1 TLZ12D-D2 TLZ12-8E-230V +8 .. 230V UC TLZ12D-D2 TLZ12.9-TLZ12-9E-D4 TLZ12.4P-TLZ12P-/ EUD12M-EUD12D-B3 EZ11.7-220V NLZ12-NLZ12NP-D6 EZ11.7-8V NLZ12.1-NLZ12NP-D6 Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page ES12-8 .. 230V, 8 .. 24V, 230V, 12 V ES12-100-ES12DX-A1 ES11-100-ES12-100-ES12DX-A1 ES12-001-ES12-110- A3 ES11-110-ES12-110-ES12-110-A3 ES11-200-ES12-200-ES12-200-A2 ES12-2x-ES12M-ESR12DDX-A5 ESR12M-ESR12DDX-A5 ES12-400-ES12-4x ESR12Z- 4DX A7 ES12Z-4x ESR12Z-4DX-A7 ES12NP-ESR12NP-A4 ES11.2-001-ES12.2-001-ES12Z-110-------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- A6 ES11.3-ES12Z-ES12Z-200-A6 ES11.4-ES12Z-ES12Z-200-A6 ES11.1-ES12.9-ESV12NP-ESR12NP-A4 ESV12-ESR12NP - A4 ESV12.1-ESR12NP-A4 ESV12.2P-ES12.1P-/ EUD12M-EUD12D-B3 ES12.1NP ES12Z-200-A6 ES12.1-8 .. 230V ES12Z-200-A6 ES11.2-100- ES12.2-100-ES12Z-100-ES12Z-200-A6 ES11.2-110 - ES12.2-110 - ES12Z-110 - A6 ES11.2-200-ES12.2-200-ES12Z-200-A6 ES12 .3-001-ES12.1-110-ES12Z-110-A6 ES12.4-001-ES12Z-110-A6 ES12.5-001-ES12Z-110-A6 ES12.6-200-ES12.1-200- ES12Z-200-A6 ES12.7-200-ES12Z-200-A6 ES12.8-200-ES12.1-200-ES12Z-200-A6 ES12.1-500-ES12.1-4x-ESR12Z-4DX-A7 ES12.1-400-ESR12Z-4DX-A7 ES12Z-4x ESR12Z-4DX-A7 EGS11.2/.3- EGS12-200-EGS12.1 EGS12Z-H4 EGS11.2/.3- EGS12-200-EGS12.2 EGS12Z2-H5 ESD12-ESD12U-EUD12NPN-B1 ESD11-HT-ESD12.2-ESD12.2U-EUD12Z-B2 ESD11-HT-1000W ESD12.2-+ ELD12-ESD12.2U-+ EUL12-EUD12Z-+ LUD12-B5 ESD12UF EUD12F B4 Mains monitoring relays and current relays Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page NR11-110-NR12-001-NR12-110-NR12-001-G2 NR12-002-NR12-002-G2 NR11.1- 110 - NR12-001-NR12-001-G2 NR12-002-NR12-002-G2 AR12-001-230V AR12NP-230V AR12DX-230V G1 FR11-100-FR12-100-FR12.1-FR12-G4 FR12.0 - FR12-G4 Time relays Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page MFZ11-MFZ12-MFZ12.1-MFZ12DX-E2 EZ11.2-EZ12.2-EZ12RV-RVZ12DX-E3 EZ11.3-EZ12.3-EZ12AV - AVZ12DX-E3 EZ11.4-EZ12.4-EZ12TI-TGI12DX-E3 EZ11.5-EZ12.5-EZ12EW-EAW12DX-E3 EZ12EAW-EAW12DX-E3 EZ11.6-EZ12.6-EZ12AW-EAW12DX-E3 EZ12. 9 - EZ12SRV-MFZ12DX-E2 EZ12ARV-MFZ12DX-E2 DMZ12 MFZ12DDX-E1 DMZ12-DMZ12.1-MFZ12DDX--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---- E1 DZ12.2-DZ12RV-MFZ12DDX-E1 DZ12.3-DZ12AV-MFZ12DDX-E1 DZ12.4-DZ12TI-MFZ12DDX-------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- E1 DZ12.5-DZ12EW-MFZ12DDX-E1 DZ12.6-DZ12AW-MFZ12DDX-E1 DZ12.9-DZ12SRV-MFZ12DDX------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ E1 TI12P-EUD12M-EUD12D-B3 Shading systems and roller shutter control Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page EGS11.2/.3- EGS12-200-EGS12.1-EGS12Z-H4 EGS11.2/.3- EGS12-200-EGS12.2-EGS12Z2-H5 USR12-* MSR12-H2 LSR12-LDW12-LRW12D-H3 MTR12-400 MTR12-H5 Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page WSZ12-20 A WSZ12E-25 A WSZ12DE-32 A F4 WSZ12B-20A WSZ12B-25A WSZ12B-32A F3 WSZ12-32 A WSZ12B-32 A F3 WSZ12-65A WSZ12B-65A WSZ12B-65A F3 EWZ12-32A WSZ12DE-32A F4 Three-phase energy meters Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page DSZ12B-3x65A DSZ12D-3x65A F5 DSZ12B-T2-3x65A DSZ12D-3x65A F5 EDZ12B-3x65A DSZ12D-3x65A F5 EDZ12B-T2 - 3x65A DSZ12D-3x65A F5 EDZ12WB-5A DSZ12WD-3x5A F5 EDZ12WS-5A DSZ12WD-3x5A F5 On / off switches, momentary contact switches, indicator lights Series 11 Series 12 Changes Up-to-date Page KS11-100-A12-100- A12-100-H1 KS11-200-A12-100-A12-100-H1 T11-100-T12-100-T12-100-H1 PK12-3-P3K12-G6 For ELTAKO series 8, 9 and 60 in comparsion with the up-to-date series 81, 91 and 61. Control relays Series 60 Series 61 Changes Up-to-date Page ER60-ER61-ER61-C7 Impulse switches / Staircase time switches / Off-delay timers Series 60 Series 61 Changes Up- to-date Page ES60-ES61-ES61-A8 ES60.1-ES61.9-ESV61-ESR61NP-A8 ESD61-EUD61NPN-B11 EZ60/TLZ60- TLZ61-TLZ61NP-230V D5 TLZ61.1-.4-TLZ61NP-8. .230 V UC TLZ61NP-230V + UC D5 EZ60.2/NLZ60- NLZ61-NLZ61NP-230V D7 NLZ61.1-NLZ61NP-8 .. 230V UC NLZ61NP-UC D7 Impulse switches / Switching relays Series 9 Series 91 Changes Up-to- date Page 1S9-S91-100-S91-100-J4 1R9-R91-100-R91-100-K3 Series 8 Series 81 Changes Up-to-date Page 1S8-S81-001-S81-001-J4 2S8-S81- 002 - S81-002-J4 WS8-S81-002-S81-002-J4 SS8-SS81-002-SS81-002-J4 GS8-GS81-002-GS81-002-J4 1R8-R81-001-R81-001- K3 2R8-R81-002-R81-002-K3 WR8-R81-002-R81-002-K3 RR8-R81-002-R81-002-K3
Contact Detail
Company Name: Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Great Western ..
Employee Number: 101 - 500 persons
Annual export: Below 500,000 CNY
Year Established: 1988
Contact Person: Mr. Yellow(Manager)
Telephone Number: 15369678824
Company Address: Wenling Road, Licheng District, far too Building, Room 1907, 19th floor, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 065500
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