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Larger photo of automa dispenser

Company:Ze Tao Industrial Guangzhou
Information Name: R2E225-BD92-12
Update Time:2012-09-18
Price Description: RMB/
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An agent of Germany ebmpapst sales areas achieved rapid development, sales network covers most provinces in China, my company has a highly qualified management personnel and strong technical force, to provide customers with high of quality German ebmpapst fan products At the same time, provide a strong technical support and excellent quality assurance. Move towards integration with the global economy, the domestic customer service expectations gradually improve, more adequate supply, faster delivery and better technical support - eternal commitment to our customers. Starting this year, I have a lot by EBM fan inventories, model covering the fan ebm papst fan mvl fan all models, increased inventory reserves on ebmpapst fan products, greatly reducing the delivery time to really help you enterprise to achieve "zero inventory" management, reduce operating costs, improve work efficiency welcome your call letter and look forward to working with you in the days ahead, hand in hand, the supply and demand is a win-win situation! R2E225-BD92-12 W2E200-HH38-06 G2E140-PI51- 09 D2E160-AH02-15 D2D160-BE02-11 D2D146-BG03-14 W2E200-HK38-07 A2D160-AA22-05 A2D210-AB10-05 A2D160-AB22-05 A2D160-AB22-07 A2D210-AB10-05 A2D210-AA10- 17 A2D250-AA26-80 A2D250-AD26-05 A2D250-AD26-06 A2D250-AA02-82 A2D250-AA06-71 D2E097-BE01-02 D2E097-BI56-02 D2E097-CB01-02 D2E097-CB01-20 D2D133-AB06- 30 D2E133-AM47-01 D2E133-DM47-01 D2E140-HR97-05 D2E146-AP47-22 D2E146-HR93-01 D2E146-HT67-01 D2E160-AB01-06 D4E225-CC01-30 D2E133-DM47-23 D2E160-AH01- 17 G2E146-DW07-01 G2E180-EH03-01 K2E220-AB06-09 K2E225-AA26-09 K2E190-AB77-09 K2E225-AB92-09 K2E225-AA26-09 K2E250-AA01-09 M2D068-BF M2D068-CF M2D068-DF M2E068-CF M2E068-BF R2D160-AC02-13 R2D220-AB02-11 R2D220-AB02-10 R2E190-AE77-B3 R2E190-AE77-B8 R2E190-AE99-B8 R2E175-AC77-05 R2E225-AT51-14 R2E220-AB06- 31 R2E225-AZ26-09 R2E190-AO26-05 R2E190-AO26-30 R2E220-AB06-05 R2E220-AA40-05 R2E225-BD92-09 R4E310-AP11-01 R4E355-AK05-05 R4E400-AB23-05 R2D190-AC08- 09 R2D190-AC08-10 R2D225-AV02-12 R2D225-AV02-11 R4D400-AB04-05 R4D450-AD12-06 R4D450-AA04-05 R4D500-AT03-01 R4D560-AQ03-01 W2D160-EB22-12 W2D160-EB22- 18
Contact Detail
Company Name: Ze Tao Industrial Guangzhou
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Chu Min(Manager)
Telephone Number: 020-28944708
Company Address: Panyu District of Guangzhou City, New Village Street on the third floor on the 12th, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal Code: 511442
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