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Supply best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou

Supply best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou
Supply best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou
Supply best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou

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Company:Guangdong Guangdong Mall
Information Name: Supply best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou
Update Time:2012-08-29
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The best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou 
 Guangzhou, Guangdong Hospital ENT: http://www.lyhhsn.com/ 

 The best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong Hospital is the first in the country to introduce the system of ENT diseases clinic. The clinic system, many ENT specialist at home and abroad on the basis of draw leading technology, combined with advanced diagnostic equipment, repeated practice, demonstration, summed up a set of ENT diseases treatment system, ENT diseases from disease The kinds of symptoms, pathology, etiology, therapy has made a systematic collation of a guiding role in the diagnosis of ENT diseases. 

 The best nasal polyps hospital in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong Hospital ENT experts pointed out; 

 Polyps continue to grow, the symptoms of nasal congestion will become persistent intermittent, the patient will be due to chronic nasal obstruction, and can only mouth breathing. In addition, it may be accompanied by dry mouth, bad breath, snot is not easy to blow out anosmia, dizziness and headaches and other symptoms. Another case is that some huge or multiple nasal polyps sometimes only one, sometimes more than two polyps overlap nasal polyps is not only filled with nasal, and dorsum full, external nose widened outward bulge like a frog fell on the central face, the medical phenomenon known as the "frog nose. 
 Nasal polyp as a common ENT diseases around us can often see patients with nasal polyps, but these patients are often not the only nasal polyps a disease, often multi and produce, the Guangdong Guangdong ENT experts say In fact, this is a complication of nasal polyps. Common complication of nasal polyps, which has several major? The bronchial asthma large number of clinical data that have a higher incidence of asthma, nasal polyps in patients, about 20% to 30%. Early years that reflected with the nose and lungs, nearly confirmed that both the Department of the respiratory mucosa eosinophils increased inflammatory response, suggesting that nasal polyps, IL-5 and other cytokines in the bronchial mucosa due. In such patients with aspirin intolerance, compared with aspirin withstand adverse triad secretory otitis media when the the polyps volume increase or sinusitis, pharyngeal opening of the eustachian tube compression or inflammatory stimuli can lead to throat The drum tube dysfunction occurred secretory otitis media. 

 The power maneuver surgery is the upgrade of the traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), the technology by means of the endoscopic sinus accurate positioning, direct lesions in and around the hidden parts, the use of micro-power cyclotron thorough cutting interest rates flesh, microtubules quickly discharged, while the complete elimination of the surrounding inflammatory disease, and clear the site of lesion connected, to prevent the possibility of a relapse, truly a "sparse" pass. 

 The first step: direct click [http://www.lyhhsn.com/swt/] to open the online, real-time dialogue window in IE; 

 Step two: online communication with experts to apply for a reservation number; Advisory QQ: 2646592872 consultation / appointment Tel 020 -86423730 clinic hours :08:00-17: 30 (holidays) 

 The third step: Hospital Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Ishii Huangshi West Road Gang the arch (College next) to the hospital Getting There: 126,254,219, 280,425,519,556,563,830,831,841,929 road to Ishii station. pt
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Company Name: Guangdong Guangdong Mall
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Contact Person: Mr. HE Chuan(Director)
Telephone Number: 020-86423730
Company Address: Ishii Baiyun District, Guangzhou Huangshi West Ooka arch (College next), Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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