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Suzhou, Jiangsu Yaskawa servo motor SGMGH-30ACA61

Suzhou, Jiangsu Yaskawa servo motor SGMGH-30ACA61
Suzhou, Jiangsu Yaskawa servo motor SGMGH-30ACA61
Suzhou, Jiangsu Yaskawa servo motor SGMGH-30ACA61

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Company:Shanghai Chu fertile Automation Control Technology Co.,..
Information Name: Suzhou, Jiangsu Yaskawa servo motor SGMGH-30ACA61
Update Time:2012-08-06
Price Description: RMB/
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SGMGH-30ACA61 ultra low-cost sales, Hush ~ Do not tell anyone Oh! Yaskawa Servo Motor Yaskawa Servo Yaskawa Servo Drive Yaskawa servo drive devices offer Yaskawa servo debugging Yaskawa servo drive repair Yaskawa servo manual Yaskawa servo motor selection Yaskawa servo motor data Yaskawa servo official network, Yaskawa an agent, Shanghai * Chu * fertile * for you Service, Eastern Region stocked welcome your inquiries! 
 * Chu * Wal-automation and control technology Co., Ltd. focus on selling products, http://www.shchuwo.com need to know about product prices and other information: Contact: Kang Xiao charge; phone: 18,621,907,056 QQ: 253 771 454 At present our main distribution and Agent: Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fuji, servo systems, inverters. Series of industrial automation products for repair, Pro-face (PRO-FACE) and touch screen 

 Japan YASKAWA YASKAWA AC servo Σ2 series 
 SGMAH type 
 Capacity (W) Model 
 100W SGMAH-01AAA41 + SGDM-01ADA 
 100W with brake SGMAH-01AAA4C + SGDM-01ADA 
 200w SGMAH-02AAA41 + SGDM-02ADA 
 200W with brake SGMAH-02AAA4C + SGDM-02ADA 
 400W SGMAH-04AAA41 + SGDM-04ADA 
 400W with brake SGMAH-04AAA4C + SGDM-04ADA 
 750w SGMAH-08AAA41 + SGDM-08ADA 
 750W with brake SGMAH-08AAA4C + SGDM-08ADA 

 SGMGH type (1500RPM) 
 Capacity (W) Model 
 450 SGMGH-05ACA61 + SGDM-05ADA 
 450W with brake SGMGH-05ACA6C + SGDM-05ADA 
 850W SGMGH-09ACA61 + SGDM-10ADA 
 850W with brake SGMGH-09ACA6C + SGDM-10ADA 
 1.3KW SGMGH-13ACA61 + SGDM-15ADA 
 1.3KW with brake SGMGH-13ACA6C + SGDM-15ADA 
 2KW with brake SGMGH-20ACA6C + SGDM-20ADA 
 3KW with brake SGMGH-30ACA6C + SGDM-30ADA 

 4.4K SGMGH-44ACA61 + SGDM-50ADA 
 4.4KW with brake SGMGH-44ACA6C + SGDM-50ADA 
 5.5K SGMGH-55ACA61 + SGDM-60ADA 
 5.5KW with brake SGMGH-55ACA6C + SGDM-60ADA 
 7.5K SGMGH-75ACA61 + SGDM-75ADA 
 7.5KW with brake SGMGH-75ACA6C + SGDM-75ADA 
 Japan YASKAWA YASKAWA AC servo ΣV series 
 Model referred to a specific model 
 100W SGMJV-01AAA61 + SGDV-R90A01A 
 100W with brake SGMJV-01AAA6C + SGDV-R90A01A 
 200W SGMJV-02AAA61 + SGDV-1R6A01A 
 200W with brake SGMJV-02AAA6C + SGDV-1R6A01A 
 400W SGMJV-04AAA61 + SGDV-2R8A01A 
 400W with brake SGMJV-04AAA6C + SGDV-2R8A01A 
 750W SGMJV-08AAA61 + SGDV-5R5A01A 
 750W with brake SGMJV-08AAA6C + SGDV-5R5A01A 

 850W SGMGV-09ADA61 + SGDV-7R6A01A 
 850W with brake SGMGV-09ADA6C + SGDV-7R6A01A 
 1.3KW SGMGV-13ADA61 + SGDV-120A01A 
 1.3KW with brake SGMGV-13ADA6C + SGDV-120A01A 
 2KW SGMGV-20ADA61 + SGDV-180A01A 
 2KW with brake SGMGV-20ADA6C + SGDV-180A01A 
 3KW SGMGV-30ADA61 + SGDV-200A01A 
 3KW with brake SGMGV-30ADA6C + SGDV-200A01A 
 4.4KW SGMGV-44ADA61 + SGDV-330A01A 
 4.4KW with brake SGMGV-44ADA6C + SGDV-330A01A 
 5.5KW SGMGV-55ADA61 + SGDV-470A01A 
 5.5KW with brake SGMGV-55ADA6C + SGDV-470A01A 
 7.5KW SGMGV-75ADA61 + SGDV-550A01A 
 7.5KW with brake SGMGV-75ADA6C + SGDV-550A01A 
 11KW SGMGV-1AADA61 + SGDV-590A01A 
 11KW with brake SGMGV-1AADA6C + SGDV-590A01A 
 15KW SGMGV-1EADA61 + SGDV-780A01A 
 15KW with brake SGMGV-1EADA6C + SGDV-780A01A 
 Japan YASKAWA YASKAWA AC servo ΣV series 

 100W SGMJV-01AAA61 + SGDV-R90A11A 
 100W system SGMJV - 01AAA6C the + SGDV R90A11A 
 200W SGMJV-02AAA61 + SGDV-1R6A11A 
 200W system SGMJV - 02AAA6C the + SGDV 1R6A11A 
 400W SGMJV-04AAA61 + SGDV-2R8A11A 
 400W system SGMJV - 04AAA6C the + SGDV 2R8A11A 
 750W SGMJV-08AAA61 + SGDV-5R5A11A 
 750W system SGMJV - 08AAA6C the + SGDV 5R5A11A 

 850W SGMGV-09ADA61 + SGDV-7R6A11A 
 850W system SGMGV - 09ADA6C the + SGDV 7R6A11A 
 1.3KW SGMGV-13ADA61 + SGDV-120A11A 
 1.3KW system SGMGV - 13ADA6C the + SGDV 120A11A 
 2KW SGMGV-20ADA61 + SGDV-180A11A 
 2KW system SGMGV - 20ADA6C the + SGDV 180A11A 
 3KW SGMGV-30ADA61 + SGDV-200A11A 
 3KW system SGMGV - 30ADA6C the + SGDV 200A11A 
 4.4KW SGMGV-44ADA61 + SGDV-330A11A 
 4.4KW system SGMGV - 44ADA6C the + SGDV 330A11A 
 5.5KW SGMGV-55ADA61 + SGDV-470A11A 
 5.5KW system SGMGV - 55ADA6C the + SGDV 470A11A 
 7.5KW SGMGV-75ADA61 + SGDV-550A11A 
 7.5KW system SGMGV - 75ADA6C the + SGDV 550A11A 
 11KW SGMGV-1AADA61 + SGDV-590A11A 
 11KW system SGMGV - 1AADA6C the + SGDV 590A11A 
 15KW SGMGV-1EADA61 + SGDV-780A11A 
 15KW system SGMGV - 1EADA6C the + SGDV 780A11A 
 Y Ma series (pulse command type) 
 Characteristics of a set (The Easy-Setup) 
 Removed from the box, wiring, simply set the PULSE switch can operate. 
 ● the industry's first 
 Newly developed non-parametric function, no longer like the past, the servo as cumbersome parameter setting. 
 ● past servo set time 1/7.5 
 Set the time of the common stepper motor can significantly reduce the production line, the scene of operations. 
 Features easy to use (Easy-Tuning) 
 Can operate without basic adjustment. 
 ● the industry's first 
 Free adjustment function is not required for the servo adjustment. 
 ● Even if the overshoot (vibration), just fine-tune the FIL switch 
 ● realized the servo to adjust the time 1/20 
 By the simple operation of the common stepper motor, even if do not understand the servo can also be used. 
 Characteristics of three maintenance? Maintenance 
 ● no maintenance 
 , Equipped with a real-time automatic adjustment function for load changes. 
 ● easy to maintain 
 No need to adjust replaced without special tools, can simply be replaced. 
 SJME-01AMA41 + SJDE-01APA (100W) 
 SJME-02AMA41 + SJDE-02APA (200W) 
 SJME-04AMA41 + SJDE-04APA (400W) 
 SJME-08AMA41 + SJDE-08APA (750W) 
 Yaskawa servo motors special spot distributor in Shanghai 
 Σ-II Series (Standard) SGMAH SGMPH SGMGH SGMSH SGMDH capacity Σ-II Series SJME 
 SGMAH series 
 SGMAH-01AAA41 + SGDM-01ADA (100W) 
 SGMAH-02AAA41 + SGDM-02ADA (200W) 
 SGMAH-04AAA41 + SGDM-04ADA (400W) 
 SGMAH-08AAA41 + SGDM-08ADA (750W) 
 SGMAH-01AAA4C + SGDM-01ADA (100W) 
 SGMAH-02AAA4C + SGDM-02ADA (200W) 
 SGMAH-04AAA4C + SGDM-04ADA (400W) 
 SGMAH-08AAA4C + SGDM-08ADA (750W) 
 SGMGH series 
 SGMGH-05ACA61 + SGDM-05ADA (450W) 
 SGMGH-09ACA61 + SGDM-10ADA (850W) 
 SGMGH-13ACA61 + SGDM-15ADA (1.3KW) 
 SGMGH-20ACA61 + SGDM-20ADA (1.8KW) 
 SGMGH-30ACA61 + SGDM-30ADA (2.9KW) 
 SGMGH-44ACA61 + SGDM-50ADA (4.4KW) 
 SGMGH-55ACA61 + SGDM-60ADA (5.5KW) 
 SGMGH-75ACA61 + SGDM-75ADA (7.5KW) 
 SGMGH-05ACA6C + SGDM-05ADA (450W) 
 SGMGH-09ACA6C + SGDM-10ADA (850W) 
 SGMGH-13ACA6C + SGDM-15ADA (1.3KW) 
 SGMGH-20ACA6C + SGDM-20ADA (1.8KW) 
 SGMGH-30ACA6C + SGDM-30ADA (2.9KW) 
 SGMGH-44ACA6C + SGDM-50ADA (4.4KW) 
 SGMGH-55ACA6C + SGDM-60ADA (5.5KW) 
 SGMGH-75ACA6C + SGDM-75ADA (7.5KW) 
 Shanghai * Chu * Wal * Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. 
 Address: Fengxian District, West Gate Road, Ruby Industrial Zone, No. 319 
 Tel :021 -6,052,904,218,621,907,056 
 Fax :021 -61,153,630 
 Web site: http://www.shchuwo.com 
 Phone: 18621907056 
 Contact: Kang Xiao charge QQ: 253771454
Contact Detail
Company Name: Shanghai Chu fertile Automation Control Technology Co.,..
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Kang Xiao charge(Salesman)
Telephone Number: 021-60529042
Company Address: Fengxian District, Shanghai the West Duzhen West Gate Road, Ruby 319, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Zip/Postal Code: 201401
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