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Supply Wuxi film pressure transducer flush

Supply Wuxi film pressure transducer flush
Supply Wuxi film pressure transducer flush
Supply Wuxi film pressure transducer flush

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Company:Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd. Wuxi square
Information Name: Supply Wuxi film pressure transducer flush
Update Time:2012-03-15
Price Description: RMB/
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Flush diffused silicon membrane (Sanitary) pressure transmitter is the latest developed a new type of industrial pressure transmitter. Anti-corrosion stainless steel structure, suitable for general liquid and gas pressure measurements. Can be used for water, oil transport, chemical process, and a variety of pressure measurement systems to meet the measurement, control, alarm, scheduling, energy-saving purposes. 

 Second, the main features: 
 1, compact, easy to install, can be installed directly, but also can be bracket. 
 2, advanced membrane / oil-filled isolation technology. 
 3, high stability, high reliability. 
 4, seismic, anti-RF interference. 
 5, integrated junction box: All electrical wiring directly from the transmitter housing connected to the field terminal compartment. Thus eliminating the junction box installed in the indirect cost and trouble caused. 

 Main technical parameters: 
 1, range :0-200Pa to 0-100MPa;-0.1MPa-- +0.1 MPa 
 2, accuracy: ± 0.25%; ± 0.5% (generally 0.5%); 
 3, the temperature :0-60 ℃ 
 4, power supply: 24VDC; 
 5, the output :4-20mA (0-10mA also available); 
 6, overload: × 1.5 times the span; 
 7, explosion-proof level: EXia Ⅱ CT5; 
 8, dust proof: weather; 
 9, indicating that the header: 3 1 / 2 digit LCD display (the user must also specify when ordering). 
 10, Weight: 1Kg its electrical properties and proliferation of the same silicon pressure transducer, the diaphragm is flush with the film, suitable for viscous and easy to lump the media field measurements. Mounting thread: G1 / 2 or
Contact Detail
Company Name: Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd. Wuxi square
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Fang(Manager)
Telephone Number: 0510-82865630
Company Address: Nanchang District Road 87 famous Phihong, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 214024
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