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NOK oil seal in the pressure supply 394973,394974,394976

NOK oil seal in the pressure supply 394973,394974,394976
NOK oil seal in the pressure supply 394973,394974,394976
NOK oil seal in the pressure supply 394973,394974,394976

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Company:Seal Co., Ltd. Foshan City map
Information Name: NOK oil seal in the pressure supply 394973,394974,394976
Update Time:2011-01-19
Price Description: RMB/
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Skeleton oil seal is the seal of mechanical components, also known as the rotary shaft lip seals. Mechanical friction in part because there is oil in the machinery running into, in order to prevent oil leakage from the machinery used in the seal gap. With the development of mechanical technology, in addition to oil other than the need to prevent the leakage of water and chemical liquid and dust, sediment from outside intrusion, then have to use the seal. 
 Seal usually has four parts: 
 1. Lip end: a wedge shape at the end of the surface by the finale, played the role of the fluid seal. 
 2. Sealing lip: a flexible elastomer seal lip, designed to be sealed mechanical vibration and the impact of changes in fluid pressure can still maintain a stable seal, and act to maintain steady contact with the lip and the shaft surface the role of the state . In addition to the spring shaft seal lip can increase the pressing force, the maintenance of the clamping force. 
 3. Dust Lips: dust lip is not in contact with the Vice-lip spring. To prevent the dust from the role of intrusion. 
 4. With the Ministry: Ministry is the seal with the hole in the chamber fixed at the same time, from the peripheral seal to prevent fluid from the cavity surface and surface contact area between the leak and the role of intrusion. Also metal frame is fixed to the chamber when the seal, the protective effect.
Contact Detail
Company Name: Seal Co., Ltd. Foshan City map
Employee Number:
Annual export:
Year Established:
Contact Person: Mr. Chen(Sales)
Telephone Number: 0757-82827475
Company Address: Lei Sha Industrial Zone, Foshan, Foshan City, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal Code: 528000
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