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Imported wear resistant O-ring

Imported wear resistant O-ring
Imported wear resistant O-ring
Imported wear resistant O-ring
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Information Name: Imported wear resistant O-ring
Update Time: 2015-07-24
Validity: 30000
Specifications: Complete
Quantity: 2464000
Price Description: 0.12
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Imported materials O-ring wear-resistant materials are commonly used terms nitrile rubber, EPDM, fluorine rubber. These three compounds have advantages and disadvantages, nitrile rubber O-rings cheapest prices, which are not commonly used in hydraulic cylinders exposed to elevated temperatures without environmental corrosive media. EPDM O-rings slightly higher price than the price of some of the advantages that the nitrile can also slightly higher temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the drawback is intolerant of an oily substance. Fluorine rubber O-ring can also be understood as a nitrile rubber and EPDM bit combination, with a high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and many other advantages, but the disadvantage is that higher prices. Import O-ring can be roughly divided into two types, one is the O-ring readymades come directly imported from abroad, another imported plastic material in the domestic manufacture of O-rings. The first case of quality assurance, but the disadvantage is that generally long lead times, the price is high. The second case cheap short lead times, disadvantage is that quality can not be guaranteed. Wall top company combines both cases used the advantages of the use of advanced production technology, factory in Taiwan, the use of imported produce quality and cheap rubber O-ring in the delivery time is also greatly improved efficiency, quality of products to you with a powerful guarantee.
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