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Wash turbine project where the sale? How much is it?

Wash turbine project where the sale? How much is it?
Wash turbine project where the sale? How much is it?
Wash turbine project where the sale? How much is it?
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Information Name: Wash turbine project where the sale? How much is it?
Update Time: 2015-07-23
Validity: 120
Specifications: bcxlj-2
Quantity: 1
Price Description: 19000
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Application of national civilized city construction site washing platform has gradually involve more extensive applications, a more extensive social significance of the development: (a) provide strong safeguards for the Huainan city construction, improve the "National Civilized City Construction "Implementation rate of work, effectively prevent dust pollution, significantly improving environmental quality in Huainan city, thus avoiding the negative emotions and the impact caused by environmental pollution caused to the public so that the public satisfaction with government departments to enhance, more so upgrade the execution and the public image of Huainan government sector; (b) wash turbine site in strict accordance with the Huainan municipal government policies and regulations issued by the relevant departments of design and development, urban management oversight in full compliance with standards; the construction process applications, not only saves the construction side a large number of effective manpower, greatly enhance the progress of construction work, effectively saving construction time, improve work efficiency. To "reject secondary dust pollution on the environment" as the theme of the times today, the site of innovation wash turbine applications have gradually replaced the traditional manual car washing way to become the living environment protection, prevention of dust pollution, civilized urban construction, maintenance, appearance of the city work an indispensable link in order to urge the government and the community Huainan on site along with increasing demand for turbine wash. This is the inevitable demand of social development, but also the future direction of the site wash turbine equipment. Wash summary turbine characteristics: 1, the washing water can be recycled, greatly save water resources. 2, passing vehicles on their own, automatic cleaning, without manual operation, saving time and effort. 3, fast cleaning, cleaning a dump truck king takes only 60-90 seconds. 4, easy transportation and installation, two hours to use, and adapt the site frequently transitions. 5, automatic cleaning professional engineering vehicle chassis and tires, completely solve the pollution of road construction vehicles 6, equipment durable, reliable, cheap. Rinse internet site (wash turbines) as a new type of environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, energy saving and environmental protection with its innovative design, led to the development trend of the new generation of automated machinery liberation manpower. The main advantage in the following three aspects: 1. convenient and efficient; 2. time-saving; 3. environmental conservation. Wash turbines are generally used in various construction sites, road construction site, landfill plants, steel mills, power plants, coal mines, coal yard, mining factories, cement works, upscale residential district and other places, because in these places various types of engineering vehicles entering and leaving the turbine so we need to wash to clean, so as to achieve no dust, no pollution effects. Wash turbine use has greatly improved the city's road environment, reduce pollution construction dust. Demand people and society on environmental protection, in line with the concept of sustainable development. For washing turbines, use of washing platform, with the construction of the site has increased every year, engineering vehicles for construction waste transportation make the environment caused varying degrees of contamination, in response to countries to reduce air pollution and beautify the urban environment, called for in the construction site construction sites and other places to install turbines washing, cleaning tires and bottom plate construction of transport vehicles, to make the project a clean road transport vehicles, construction vehicles flushing platform is particularly important. BOCHUANG (Bo Chong) Construction Vehicle wash turbines using fully automatic operation, rinse thoroughly, time is short, the average wash 30-60 cars per hour can be washed directly to avoid the influence of human factors on the flushing effect, to ensure that the vehicle is not out of mud sand and dust, greatly reducing the pollution of urban roads, buildings and air quality. Improve the city's image, improve air quality, water recycling, saving water resources. Applicable to all types of construction sites, landfill, concrete plants, mining, industrial manufacturing and other places. For the general public to create a good living environment, with significant economic and social effects. Model: BCXLJ-2 Brand: BOCHUANG Power: 380V 50HZ / 460V 60HZ Water: less than 5L / vehicles (cycle) Working Pressure: 0.5Mpa / 5kg / cm2 maximum water temperature: 60 ℃ machine power: 15KW load: ≤100 tonnes Size : 3700 × 3600 × 1000mm washing time: 60 seconds Start: automatic electronic sensor / manual flush mode: Vehicle Self Description: Construction vehicle automatic washing machine is based on the various departments of municipal, Highways, Construction, Central Committee, the transportation of Under requirements of the construction of the vehicle, the tire and the vehicle chassis various engineering and design, the device is the use of multi-directional high-pressure water on the tires and chassis parts of the high-pressure washing, wheel and chassis to achieve thorough cleaning effect, to various departments road requirements, washing machine with mechanical auto-sensing, remote control and manual three control work can be done automatically wash, rinse water can be recycled, for continuous operation, just add a small amount of water, so you can save a lot of water. Especially suitable for all types of construction sites, mining factories, cement works, coal mines, power plants, landfills, upscale communities and other places out of the vehicle wash, so as to achieve good works without dust pollution. Engineering vehicle automatic washing machine Main features: 1,400 guns, cleaning no dead ends; 2, cleaning speed, 40-80 units / hour; 3, energy saving water recycling, water conservation; 4, washing machine for the split, removal installation can be divided into blocks, they can always turn field; 5, transport and installation is simple, two hours can be put into use; 6, solve engineering vehicle pollution on urban roads; 7, using special pumps sewage under suction, strong suction without clogging ; 8, professional anti-rust treatment, durable; 9, washing machine control system is divided into electronic auto-sensing or manual, easy to operate. The product warranty for one year, Reliable quality and good credit, customers ease of use, Nanjing Bo-ups will provide you with the best products and services. From the date of purchase of the whole service for your free one year warranty, wash turbine failure, still can not be excluded according to the above questions, check answers matter, please contact us. To provide you with the whole service life, more than the warranty period, the company only charge nominal fee. The following does not belong to free warranty services: self-disassembly of product; due to abnormal voltage grid, under normal circumstances the use of fire or other failure found; fails brochures, wash turbine theme labels precautions required; others have obvious vandalism or damage, not within the warranty; when any loss of human irresistible factors such as earthquakes, typhoons, leading to the emergence of the company responsible engineering vehicle automatic washing machines, construction sites and special automatic washing machines, construction vehicles wash turbines, site vehicles is based on the automatic flushing device municipal departments, Highways, Construction, Central Committee, and transportation to work under the vehicle at the request of various engineering tire and chassis of the vehicle design, the device is applied to the use of multi-directional water cannons tires and chassis parts of the high-pressure washing, wheel and chassis to achieve thorough cleaning effect, require departments to achieve on the road, the washing machine with mechanical auto-sensing and manual two kinds of control, the work can be done automatically wash, rinse water can recycling, just add a small amount of water for continuous operation, so you can save a lot of water. Especially suitable for all types of construction sites, mining factories, cement works, coal mines, power plants, landfills, upscale communities and other places out of the vehicle wash. So as to achieve good works without dust pollution. The equipment installation and transportation convenient, suitable for all site frequently turn required field. -------------------------------------------------- ------------
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