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Chinese U disk type -USB high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Light

Chinese U disk type -USB high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Light
Chinese U disk type -USB high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Light
Chinese U disk type -USB high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Light
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Information Name: Chinese U disk type -USB high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Light
Update Time: 2015-07-22
Validity: 30
Specifications: No
Quantity: 1
Price Description: 0
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Chinese U disk type -USB lamp high luminous efficiency lamps U-type -USB Chaozhou Xiangqiao Penghui flashlight factory, established in 2011-07-12, the main U-type -USB light is LED lighting industry sectors integrated operation and service companies. Focusing on LED technology research and development, production, sales and services, is committed to providing a full range of lighting solutions for the needs of groups. Contact: Mr. Xie Chaozhou Xiangqiao Penghui flashlight factory has a group of professional technical personnel and high-quality production, modern management system and advanced production equipment for the company's U-type -USB lamp production and management, sales and services to provide a reliable guarantee. Great Power Flashlight Factory "security, stability, innovation" as the product design principles, committed to the LED, a high-end U disk type -USB lighting products research and production, widely used in lighting. Sale U-type -USB lights, LED lights Which is good, U-type -USB lamp manufacturers we speak with data. Power: 1.5W Model: PH02 U disk type -USB lamp Brand: Great Power Manufacturer: Chaozhou Xiangqiao Penghui flashlight factory service: Free Product Information Service Area: National Shipping: buyers and sellers negotiate their way: Wholesale; Direct Product Grade: Senior Logistics way: Ground Dimensions: 59mm * 19mm * 9mm For: Universal power supply output any 5VUSB Synonyms: USB lamp Input voltage: 5V Price: Negotiable Proceed to the following, wholesale U disk lights, USB lights manufacturers, wholesale, U disk lamp manufacturer information of the current global energy shortage concerns rise again in the background, energy conservation is an important issue we face in the future, in the lighting field, the application of LED light products are attracting the world's attention, LED As a new green lighting products, it must be the future trend. Chaozhou Xiangqiao Penghui torch plant seize the opportunity, in the years of lighting products research and development, was a great success. To create personnel, creating brand value of the operating principles, U disk type -USB PengHui flashlight lantern factory supply within the time both parties timely delivery, to ensure attentive service, making the company farther and farther down the road to success. Penghui flashlight factory lighting products, a wide range of varieties, practical, made in industry circles leading position, the country has occupied most of the market, such as: the country, won the praise of new and old customers. -USB As U disk-type lamp professional production, manufacturers, Penghui torch plant uphold quot; people-oriented, quality first, affordable, efficient services quot; aim to be your first choice for LED lighting products to choose from! The company holds "quality first, the customer first" principle, "excellence" of professionalism, and constantly improve U disk type -USB lamp production quality, improve management mode. Strive to do every project, for every production transfer of customer satisfaction of U-type -USB lights. Sincerely welcome you to visit our company coming to order, Penghui torch plant will be the best quality, reasonable price and high quality services to be your best choice! Address: Chaozhou City Xiangqiao phosphorus Town embankment village Wong Chi Mei Po sheet on the manufacturer's recommended LED lights, LED lights wholesale, wholesale U disk type -USB lamp, U disk lamp wholesale www.czpenghui.com information, please visit our website
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