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Wuxi factory direct professional wet grinder

Wuxi factory direct professional wet grinder
Wuxi factory direct professional wet grinder
Wuxi factory direct professional wet grinder
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Information Name: Wuxi factory direct professional wet grinder
Update Time: 2015-07-22
Validity: 30
Specifications: No
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FML-SF-type wet superfine pulverizer Equipment: crushing knife blade plus group with a screen-type structure, full use of cutting, impact, and so on to smash a hole machining; use suction rotor blades, can produce a strong suction , the equipment has a certain self-absorption capacity; fineness of grinding using advanced control theory, ultra-fine crushing, the use of screen combinations blade; blade group structure is optimized design make it more suitable for the production of ultra-fine wet grinding, ultra high line speeds to ensure the crushing effect self-priming, smooth haul capacity: 0.2-2t / h (dry basis) Motor: Siemens brand motor speed: maximum speed of 4500rpm, with frequency control, dedicated high-speed bearings imported NTN bearing slag system: flexible timing (time can be set) in slag cleaning, have effectively remove fiber impurities, to prevent contaminants from entering the production process, after the subsequent impact Seal: High performance mechanical seal with external-based compound mechanical seal (water cooling) to ensure optimum sealing performance, in the case of lower cavity machine idle for long periods. Equipped with a mechanical seal auxiliary cooling system. Rotor: rotor made of high strength alloy stainless steel; its backlash parameters optimized design, the use of numerical control equipment and special processing equipment, to ensure the stability of the equipment and materials to meet the needs of customers: the material contact parts are 304 stainless steel Material base: The base is made of high-strength steel, outsourcing stainless steel, corrosion-rust, appearance
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